Finding my Perfect Bra with Hunkemoller

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Hands up all those of you who have no idea what your actual bra size is! I mean not just an ‘educated’ guess but know your actual size? I can guarantee most women that I know or speak to literally have no clue! I completely hold me hands up and say I am 100% one of those women and embarrassingly, I have only had a bra fitted properly twice in my 35 years of being on this planet! One of those times was when I was 5 months pregnant with Lottie and decided I was so uncomfortable I had to do something to ease my backache!

It seems ridiculous I know because we wear the bloody things every single day and moan when we don’t have a nice matching set for when we go out on ‘date nights’ but it is a real problem! It’s got nothing to do with not wanting to get my breasts out in front of a stranger (although after having a baby who actually cares who sees their bits anymore!), it’s literally about time and just not giving myself the time to go and get measured properly. I loved the feeling of wearing the right size bra when I got round to getting measured whilst pregnant with Lottie and that’s something I definitely wanted to carry on now Lottie has arrived! I saw that Hunkemoller were looking for people to try out their bra fit guide and choose a bra so I thought that would be a great place to start for me!

Hunkemoller have a great range of high quality bras from push-up bras to t-shirt bras on their site but unlike a lot of other similar online shops, they have created a special Bra Fit Guide where you can follow 2 simple steps to find your perfect bra fit! The steps are easy to follow; just measure the size of your bust by measuring the size of your chest under the bust and then measure your cup size by measuring the fullest part of your bust. There are images to show you exactly where to measure as well as a how-to video which I found really useful! Once you have both measurements, you input them into the size calculator and it gives you your bra size. Then scroll down to the Size Guide and find your perfect fit. I was able to do it 1st time and I have no experience of measuring my breasts! You can also print out the guide for future reference which is really handy.

Perfect Bra

Once I had my sizing, I chose a black t-shirt bra as I find these really useful as a busy mum and was a good starting point to my collection of properly fitted bras! When the bra arrived I was really impressed with the quality, the bra itself is very well made and looks stunning. It’s ‘only’ a black bra but I think it’s a lovely shape and style. I literally couldn’t wait to try it on! As soon as I had chance to, I popped the bra on and I have to say it is the perfect fit! The how-to video shows you what you should look for in a bra that fits and mine does exactly what the video says it should. It feels fantastic on; in fact I went straight online and bought a nude coloured t-shirt bra and a black lace bra for evenings out!

Perfect Bra

My bra was sent in a really pretty box too and again just made the bra feel really high quality and special. It was nice to receive something pretty that is just for me! Hunkemoller bras have really changed my outlook on looking after myself and my clothes. I realise how important it is to be wearing the right size of any piece of clothing but especially underwear! There is also a great tips and advice section for finding the perfect bra for you and where you can find help to do with anything bra related! This has really changed my life and I’m so much more comfortable knowing I’m wearing the right bra for me! I can’t wait to buy some more bras and that’s something I never thought I would say?!

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