We have been Jumping on the Unicorn Bandwagon!

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We often write book reviews here as we as a family are huge book lovers however Mia has become obsessed by the recent unicorn craze (so much so that she had a unicorn themed 5th birthday party!) that seems to have swooped through the shops from nowhere so when we were offered 2 books from Ragged Bears, I was definitely interested so we jumped on the unicorn bandwagon!

There’s A Unicorn In Town by Emma Pelling is a truly magical story all about a little town called Brinton. Nothing much unusual happens in Brinton until suddenly people start to catch glimpses of a magical, mythical unicorn. With all of the rumours, soon the search is on to find the creature which leads the characters on a mystical journey through town. It falls to a little girl called Cecily to find the unicorn and when she does, a magical surprise awaits her!

Unicorn Bandwagon

The book itself is really lovely and Mia loved the story, she was able to follow the characters in their bid to spot the unicorn and Mia herself tried to spot it on every page. The illustrations are cartoony and the whole book is filled with colour and magic! We really enjoyed this story!

Unicorn Bandwagon

I’d Like A Tail by Emma Pelling is cute little story about a little girl called Melissa who often daydreams about unicorns and rainbows. She is asked by her mummy what she would like for her upcoming birthday and decides that she would like a tail. As the story continues, Melissa decides on various animal tails she would like for different reasons. She would like a monkey’s tail so she can climb trees, an anteater’s tail to keep her warm, and even a kangaroo’s tail so she can win the high jump! Melissa’s birthday arrives and she is disappointed that her mummy does not get her a tail however during her bath time that night she gets a very magical surprise!

Unicorn Bandwagon

Mia really enjoyed this story and found it really funny! All the way through Mia was guessing what kind of tail Melissa would choose and Mia decided that she would like a fish’s tail so that she could swim really fast! The illustrations are again cartoony which means that they are bright, colourful and fun, just like the story!

Unicorn Bandwagon

Emma Pelling has created and illustrated lots of novelty, board and activity books for children and her books are light, friendly and fun. Great story books for younger children and great to share together at bedtimes!

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