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Five Ways To Support Your Partner With Self-Confidence

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While you can’t fix a partner with low confidence, you can support them while they look into healing themselves. Some people are aware that they lack self-confidence, however, at other times, it can be difficult for them to notice it. 

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So, how can you support them? Let’s have a look below: 


Offer your partner genuine, real compliments when you can. It need to be sincere otherwise they will see through it. If they often feel negative about the way they look, then focus on this. Offering frequent, small compliments about their appearance or achievements could lead to them starting to realise they should be confident. Look for anything that you like about them and tell them about it. 

Never Be Angry 

It can be hard work to live with someone who has low-confidence, especially as you see them as a great individual and they don’t see it. It can also be a little frustrating to love alongside the negative side of low self-confidence, but getting angry is not the right way to respond. 

For example, your partner may be worried about their appearance and could be considering botox or an FUE hair transplant but you don’t feel it’s the right choice. Instead of showing anger, you should allow them to make their own choice and speak through it with them. Accept their feeling as real for them. Showing that you are accepting of their thoughts and feelings is important for someone who is struggling with confidence. 

Make Sure You Listen To Them

If your partner is sharing how they feel about themselves, it is important for you to listen. You may not understand in the same way, but you can support them by listening. It will make them feel validated and supported. This doesn’t mean you need to agree with them, it just provides them with a way to talk freely. You can, however, accept how they feel. 

Include them

You should make an effort to include your partner in the activities that you take part in with friends. They may be reluctant to participate, but you may find that they really want to but are unsure of themselves. Show your support by trying to get them involved. It can be very easy to do your own thing because your partner has said no, and yes, it is important to make sure you have your own time, but it is also important to include them so they understand that they are important to you. 

Watch What You Say To Them

People who have low self-confidence can be fragile, and therefore, hear something as a negative even if it was meant in a joke. A joke may seem harmless to you, however, it could have consequences for them. Make sure you are careful with what you say, things can have a much bigger meaning for them. 

Low self-confidence can be changed, but it does take a little time, offering your help and supporting them is the best thing you can do.

How could you support your partner?

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