Shnooks: Your Child’s New Best Cuddly (and Hairy!) Friend

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Mia is an avid watcher of children’s tv but this does comes with the endless toy adverts especially on the run up to Christmas time! She saw an advert for the cuddly-looking Shnooks and I didn’t take much notice as she is always pointing toys on the tv that she’s interested in however soon after we got the opportunity to be sent a Shnook for Mia to have and she was very excited about the prospect!

Shnooks are a collection of 6 characters that all come in various colours with huge fluffy hair styles. Each of the Shnooks comes in special bubble packaging and the idea is that you open them, shake them and then style them! Once they are taken out of the bubble and shook, their hair grows up to 8x its packaged size! From bubble to best friend!


Each Shnook comes with a brush and hair accessories for your child to use with the shnook creating new hair styles or even with their own hair. All of the Shnooks have individual special qualities and Mia got Sheebah who gives you courage and might. I like the fact that the toys can represent qualities as they are really important things to have and aspire to have although this did go over Mia’s head slightly! You can also build a friendship chain by hooking the Shnooks together if you have more than 1 at home.


I wouldn’t be in a hurry to buy another Shnook as we were a little disappointed with how its hair didn’t really seem to get much bigger after opening and Mia wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do with it however at £8, they are a great stocking filler idea and something that Mia will enjoy playing with and styling it’s hair. They are really cuddly and make a perfect bedtime companion for your child as well as being the perfect size to carry in small pockets or even your handbag when out and about. The Shnooks range is currently available in supermarkets and at The Entertainer Toy Shop.

Zuru have just released the brand new series 2 Shnooks that are scented! We were sent 3 of the newest from the range; a strawberry, jelly bean and lollipop scented shnook! Mia has really enjoyed adding these to her collection and has played with them ever since getting them! She loves playing with their hair and creating some interesting styles as well as using the combs to backcomb their hair so it’s even crazier!


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