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Going Green: 5 Health Items That You Need!

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While in lockdown, the world has become a much greener place. We have all seen how quickly pollution levels have become controlled, how much cleaner our air has become, and how mother earth reclaims the things we normally think we own. But, that’s okay, even if it takes a pandemic to show us that we can live a greener, we have to take the good with the bad. But we can’t all adorn a cape and try to save the world. What we can do is to do our bit. The little things like buying more eco-friendly healthcare items would go a long way to making our lives much cleaner, greener, and healthy in more ways than one. So how could you easily start going green?

Charcoal is the new hot stuff

Rather than putting chemicals onto your face and teeth, why not charcoal instead? The black stuff as many people in the healthcare industry calls it, has been proven to show that it’s very good at cleansing. 

Charcoal toothpaste is awesome because it has little tiny pieces of wood and other natural bio pieces that can get between our teeth and scrub away the plaque. It’s also very soluble, so it can turn into a very runny liquid instead of remaining like a paste when we brush our teeth. Charcoal toothpaste is eco-friendly, because all that is being used to make it, is little pieces of charcoal, which is just burnt pieces of wood. This is far healthier for the world than the chemicals being used in other similar products.

Charcoal face scrubs are also pure awesomeness! They are great for very much the same reasons. The charcoal pieces in the scrub don’t chafe your skin, they aren’t coarse and unlike the beads in other scrubs, they don’t harm the environment. Charcoal has been used as skincare scrub, for centuries! The ancient peoples of the world have used charcoal to heal wounds, scrub their bodies, and use it as a paste when creating sanitary surfaces. This is why charcoal tiles and flooring are also so popular now.

Speaking of soap…

Soap isn’t for everyone. No really, it’s not for everyone because our skin is robbed of its essential oils and it can leave us feeling dry, itchy and annoyed. But that’s often because of the soaps we’re used to are made with chemicals. They are very harsh on most skins, so it’s better to look for something that is more soothing, less irritating, and most of all, eco-friendly. This soap on a rope product is brilliant because it ticks all these boxes. For one, you have a variety of choices, including vegan soaps! For those of you that are conscious about animal products and making sure that the products you use are sourced responsibly, this awesome brand from Yorkshire is definitely what you need! Checkout their cedarwood and grapefruit soap, a very popular product because it smells heavenly and yet, it’s completely 100% eco-friendly. And yes, they also have organic selections too! 

Botanical means

Of course, plants are the basis for everything eco-friendly. The world gives us everything we need, quite literally, everything. We just haven’t been funding certain aspects of eco-friendly research projects or we just haven’t discovered the right kind of things just yet.

But a botanical scrubber, made from plant fibres is a great bathroom and shower room supplement. For one thing, you get a deep cleanse from the fibres, but ultimately, they don’t scratch your skin! The jute fibres are excellent at taking off just the top layer of skin and only, the dead skin cells. This is so awesome for those with sensitive skin and those who also need to dig deep into their skin each time they take a bath. Whether you have tough skin on your feet or soft skin on your hands, a botanical jute plant fibre scrubber is something you need! 

Going Green
None of your beeswax!

Honey has been a great supplement for anyone seeking to have better skin but less waste and harm added to the world. So, honey scrub and beeswax pastes are brilliant for your complexion and nighttime skincare routines. Because they are seasonal, it’s wise to buy the fresh from certain brands that sell such products and then, store them in a cool dry place so you can use them in the colder months too. Beeswax and honey does age and solidify, so yes, you should seek to buy your face scrubs fresh as possible.

Eco-friendly healthcare products are amazing for so many reasons. Not only are they often cheaper than the more harmful alternatives, but they are brilliant for the planet too.

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