Monitoring Children’s Temperatures with a Smart Thermometer

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We aren’t a family that runs off to the medicine cabinet every time we get an ache or a pain. Neither of us are very good at taking tablets for things and this has also been naturally the case with Mia and Lottie. Don’t get me wrong, we do give them medicine but we don’t immediately jump to it and I usually have to take some form of hayfever relief!

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We have been using the Oblumi Tapp smart thermometer to use and record any temperatures we may have. As a household we are really interested in technology so adding another piece of kit we can see stats and recordings on, was always going to grab our attention!

With traditional thermometers being tricky, in our opinion, to use with babies and younger children, they have never really been used by us and we haven’t ever been sure they give 100% accurate readings as they don’t stay in place easily! The Oblumi Tapp is a smart thermometer that connects directly to your smart phone. The Tapp itself is a tiny device which connects to your phone via the headphones port and converts your phone into a digital infrared thermometer. There is a free downloadable app to use with the device, for any smart phone.

Oblumi Tapp

From first use, the Tapp is very simple to use. Firstly pop the device into your phones headphones port (more about this later), and then fire up the app. On the app, you can create multiple profiles for each child or adult, allowing you to record personal temperatures, medication and dosage with the option to also do this anonymously.

You can record the medication type given to each child as well as the amounts given whilst also setting an alarm to remind you when you last gave medication or when you need to give further medication. This is brilliant as a child being unwell can be a stressful time so the last thing you need is to remember when you next need to give them medication! Medicine dosage is advised according to personal age and weight which is really useful.

There are charts to record temperatures over 12, 24, 48 hours so you can see any spikes or decreases in a child’s temperature over given time which again is brilliant as you may not realise these yourself if they weren’t recorded. Another really handy feature is that the Tapp can be used to measure the temperature of liquid so you could use it to test that milk and/or water is ok to give to your child. The Tapp itself has low energy consumption and so the battery lasts over 6000 temperature measurements.

One thing I found a bit tricky was that on iPhone7’s or later, the headphones port uses an adapter which is fine but means you need to have that with you when you need to use the Tapp. Also, it made me realise I would quite like a decent sized adapter to go between phone and the Tapp so you can easily read the screen however you are using the Tapp and whatever position you are holding it in. 

Oblumi Tapp
Oblumi Tapp
Oblumi Tapp

You can measure your child’s temperature in 2 ways; either by placing the Tapp on the forehead or in the child’s ear. Open the app and tap the screen to start the recording. It takes just a few seconds and the result is displayed clearly on the screen and recorded in the app. You can also send the recordings and share the profiles with others which is useful when needing to check anything with relatives.

The Tapp is suitable for all the family and it will be really interesting to use on the new baby when they arrive! The Tapp is fully portable at just 22g and comes with a travel case and cleaning wipes, ready to be taken anywhere. I would not hesitate to recommend the Oblumi Tapp. It’s an accurate, easy to use smart thermometer and I’m sure it will get even more use over the coming years!

Oblumi Tapp

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