Mia dressed as a green witch for Halloween

Halloween: My Love-Hate Relationship

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Halloween is not something we as children ever really got involved in. My parents weren’t that keen so never encouraged dressing up and we certainly never went trick-or-treating! We always had sweets and chocolates ready for when children came to the door but if I’m honest the night was a really anxious one for me instead of being something to look forward to. I’m a huge wuss when it comes to scary films and things, so I was never going to be a Halloween fan!

Cover image for Halloween

When Mia was about 18 months old, she started finding Halloween-themed videos on YouTube and as she got older, was known to actively seek them out to watch. She absolutely loves anything about zombies, ghosts and ghouls! I never want her to have the fear of monsters and things I did growing up, so we have encouraged her to get involved in Halloween and we buy her special outfits each year.

Now we won’t be taking her trick-or-treating anytime soon but each year I go and buy Halloween tablecloths, decorations and an outfit for her to wear to answer the door in. She really enjoys it! When Lottie came along, we just did the exact same thing so Lottie’s will also be involved in the night. I’m going to bake some Halloween cupcakes and have something nice for dinner with them. I have also got both of them cute outfits to wear although I didn’t get Mia her preferred Zombie one as it was way too scary even for me!!

Here are some of the outfits Mia has chosen over the years:

Halloween outfits
Mia dressed as a green witch for Halloween
Lottie dressed as a pink and black Halloween cat

This year Mia will be a colourful skeleton and Lottie will be a little pumpkin! Mia’s outfit came from the Poundshop (£5) would you believe and includes a skeleton dress, rainbow tutu and skeleton gloves! Lottie is going to wear an orange pumkin top, black tights and a pink tutu I got for her (again in the Poundshop!). I also bought them both some head boppers as they love them!

What are you planning for Halloween this year? Will your children be dressed up?

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