Seasonal Allergy Relief with Serenz

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For most of my life I have been aware of having some kind of sinus problem, made worse in the Summer months when hay fever season kicks in and also when I’m around animals. It wasn’t until after I had Mia that my sinus problems were seemingly getting worse and I was now keeping Mario up most of the night with my awful snoring! After lots of tests at the doctors and then the hospital, including sleep apnoea tests, it was found that I have Rhinitis and seasonal allergies which make me susceptible to sinus infections and snoring! I definitely needed some seasonal allergy relief!

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When I saw that reviewers were needed for the Serenz Allergy Relief I was really interested as my own allergies have got me down for the last 5 years. Allergies come in all shapes and forms; pollen is one of the most common allergens that trigger a seasonal allergy (hay fever) but symptoms can also be caused by pet hair, mould, and dust mites. Symptoms can include; itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and congestion which make life uncomfortable for the sufferer.

I suffer from all of these symptoms at various times of the year but it’s mainly nasal congestion that gets in the way of my day! I have to use some form of steroid nasal spray, eye drops and antihistamine tablets in order to ‘control’ my symptoms and I have a special pillow to support my neck which helps in bed. The symptoms affect me all year round although they are ‘better’ in the winter time and so I’m always on the lookout for better ways to manage my sinuses! I also worry that after long-term use of steroid sprays and antihistamines that I will become immune to them and they won’t help alleviate my symptoms anymore.

serenz allergy relief

The Serenz Allergy Relief gives natural relief from nasal allergy symptoms. It is the first allergy product to use carbon dioxide instead of a spray as well as still working quickly and not causing drowsiness. Serenz is designed to give quick relief to symptoms and to be used as needed only so you don’t have to routinely use it or use it unnecessarily. Serenz uses only carbon dioxide and works to cleanse your nasal passage in order to alleviate your symptoms. The instructions on first glance worried me slightly as it seemed like I could do a lot wrong however by reading through them, I realised Serenz is a really easy product to set up and use.

serenz allergy relief instructions

serenz allergy relief

Serenz needs to be activated at first which is just a quick twist using the blue ‘key’ provided. Once this is done, you can start to use it straight away. You create a tight seal with your nose around the nosepiece and hold the button down for 10 seconds. Carbon dioxide then runs through your nasal passage to cleanse them. It does cause some nasal stinging and I’m not going to sugar-coat the fact its uncomfortable and a weird sensation at first, which makes your eyes water a bit, however you do get used to it and it only lasts a second or two and then stops.

I have to say, I’m so pleased with the results! As soon as I have used the Serenz Allergy Relief, my nose feels clearer and not as blocked! I can breathe far easier after use and as you only use it when you need to, there’s no worry that you will become immune to it! Available only at Weldricks online and priced at £19.90, Serenz is a great product! I haven’t ever used anything like it before and I will be using it every day now! It’s a fantastic product to use when you suffer from allergies like me on a daily basis and I really love it! Well worth giving it a try!

serenz allergy relief

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