Orange exercise mat and coloured resistance bands

Healthy Post Natal Fitness for Busy Mums – 3 Month Update!

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We all know how difficult it is to keep fit when you’re a mum. The last thing I wanted to do when I had given birth was think about doing a workout. I have always enjoyed keeping fit and continued to do Zumba and Yoga right through both pregnancies, but it took me a while to get back into it once baby came along!

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I have spent a while looking for the perfect fitness routine that’s easy to do with children but that also doesn’t take ages to set up and actually do. When you’re a parent you need a workout that’s ready when you are, ready when you can grab 5 minutes in between changing nappies and feeding hungry babies!

Post Natal Fitness

Healthy Post Natal Fitness asked if we would like to try out their fitness workouts for mums just like me. I’m now at the stage where I don’t work out at all anymore, but Lottie is old enough to want to get involved so I thought she might be interested in joining in! We are now halfway through our trial so I thought I would let you know how we are getting on!

Monthly Subscription

Healthy Post Natal Fitness have a monthly fitness subscription that focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of mums after they have given birth. They offer week by week sessions plans, educational blogs and discussion forums all managed and created by a team of professional post-natal experts. The main draw for me was the fact that many of the workouts are only 7 minutes long which means that I can do little workouts that will fit easily into my busy day!

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Peter Lap who is the founder of the fitness service created it to focus more on the women’s mental health and wellbeing as opposed to focusing on baby-weight being a negative and without saying that every woman should bounce back to pre-baby straight away! As we all know, some women are able to do this but for many of us, this just isn’t a realistic thing to achieve straight after having a baby!

You don’t really need any equipment which is great. I have an exercise mat from yoga a couple of years ago, but I just bought some cheap resistance bands as I had my eye on them for a while and thought I could get more out of the workouts using them. The site is really straight forward. The workouts are clearly labelled so I got stuck in with week 1’s workouts! They are also emailed to you every 4 weeks, so you know which week you are on which is useful when you have baby brain still!

Orange exercise mat and coloured resistance bands

The Workouts

The workouts are cut into chunks, all broken down and explained at each step, so you don’t have to have any previous experience or knowledge of certain moves beforehand. For the first 3 months, the focus is on everything; core strength and posture, with each week containing 1 home routine and 2 strength sessions. They get progressively tougher so make sure you follow them in order! After 3 months, you can then start to choose your focus. I still have a week to go I think so check back for my full update in 3 months’ time to see what I chose!

Example fitness workouts

I have enjoyed getting back into my workouts and I have found the quick chunks have been far easier to fit into my day than previous workout sessions. I’m feeling more confident in my body and I can see the results already in terms of how my clothes are fitting. My weight has come down about half a stone which is something that hasn’t happened for a long time! I can’t wait to see the results in another 3 months’ time!

Example workout list


As well as the workouts, Healthy Post Natal Fitness have a weekly podcast which I have found really useful to listen to and Peter goes over things like nutrition, back pain and recovering from c-sections in more detail during these episodes.

The Health Post Natal Fitness subscription is £8 a month so won’t break the bank either! You get full access to the expert digital forum where qualified PTs will deal with any exercise questions and a series of 7-minute work-out routines and 2 strength training exercise programmes; far cheaper than going to the gym or a fitness class that runs the risk of being difficult to get to!


Up until the 30th April, they have also offered 3 months FREE subscription to the workouts using code ‘3months’ due to the current circumstance we all are finding ourselves in so make sure you go and try it out for yourself!


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