3 of us with the balloons

Mia’s 7th Birthday Celebrations – Lockdown Style!

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So, I have been avoiding talking about the current situation we find ourselves in at the moment and avoided doing too many other things than focusing on our family. I have been re-writing a lot of older posts and publishing those on the blog recently so you may have noticed that the posts are a bit more upbeat and non-coronavirus focused! This is mainly due to life being so hectic with trying to do my own work, look after the house and keeping us all alive but I’m sure normal business will resume as soon as Mia goes back to school! I usually write about Mia’s amazing birthday party each year and I felt that although things have been very different this year, I still wanted to document her 7th birthday for her and let you all know what we did!

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Mia was 7 on the 1st May and her usual birthday celebrations would be a cake made by a friend of mine, balloons delivered by an amazing local party company, lots of presents and a huge party that blows the socks off anyone else’s (people still talk about Mia’s unicorn party 2 years on!).

However, Coronavirus has had other plans for 2020 and the year has pretty much been written off now for everyone. We had already started to book Mia’s party in January this year and we had ordered a Minecraft cake (she’s obsessed!), Minecraft party invitations and table accessories, started looking at party venues and ordered her Minecraft balloons! I like to be organised! By the time March came around, it became clear that things were starting to ‘kick off’ so we put her tenpin bowling party on hold and decided to have her best friend round for a pizza party instead. We thought we could do Mia’s party in June time and it would all be fine.

Once we were locked down, I started contacting the cake maker and balloon people and re-arranging things. We decided to postpone the cake until we can have her party, but we would still have the balloons however the balloons we wanted weren’t available anymore due to the warehouses supplying them also being locked down! The lovely people at Balloons and Beyond were able to do an amazing set of unicorn balloons instead and threw in a unicorn air walker which was absolutely amazing, and all arrived the day before her party. The girls were so excited!

unicorn air-walker

Unicorn balloons

I ordered a unicorn cake from Tesco along with popcorn, sweets and fruit juice as one of the present ideas was a cinema night at home as Mia really wanted to see the new Trolls movie. Sky released it straight onto their store as no one can get to the cinema at the moment, so I just bought that on the day.

Instead of table decorations I Amazon primed some popcorn boxes (for the full cinema experience), a birthday card and ordered a few gifts for her to open on the day. Luckily, we had wrapping paper here to wrap everything in!

presents and unicorn cake

Mia loves Domino’s pizza so on her actual birthday I ordered one for her and she was more than happy with that! We had a few tears as she couldn’t see any of her friends or have her party, but my mum and stepdad came round and left a cake and her presents from them on the doorstep which was lovely! We had a great movie night that night and she went to bed a very happy bunny!

3 of us with the balloons

We tried to make it as nice as possible for her under the circumstances and although we have pretty much decided she won’t get a belated party this year, we have planned a few surprises for her at Christmas and next year’s party will be, in her words, EPIC!!


How have your child’s birthday plans changed this year?

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