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Daily Makeup Routine for Busy Mums

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We all know how tricky it is to find time in the morning to get showered and dressed, let alone put any makeup on! I find that most mornings I’m fine with some tinted moisturiser as my skin is really good but other times (and times we are at toddler groups) I want to make time to pop some at least a bit of makeup on! So where do you start with a good daily makeup routine that fits your busy schedule?

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Daily Makeup Routine

I usually have about 10-15 minutes to apply my makeup and I recently took Billie Blonde’s makeup course which was fab so I thought I would show you my quick daily makeup routine, perfect for those who don’t have much time!

There is also a list of products I use in the video description to get you started!



So that’s it! Hopefully you found it interesting! It was actually my first ever video like it so please let me know if you found it useful!


Do you have a daily make up routine?


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