How to Keep Warm in the Face of a Particularly Bitter Winter Season

Looking down into a mug of hot tea with teabag in

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Winter is everybody’s least favourite season, that’s pretty much a given. It’s cold, nothing happens (barring Christmas and New Year) and the shadowy cloud of permanent illness hangs over us all like a grim spectre. It’s an expensive season too, with Christmas leaving a rather hefty void in many pockets. But the Winter months don’t HAVE to be miserable. There can be nothing more satisfying than cuddling up in a snuggly jumper next to a roaring fireplace with a hot, thick bowl of soup and a cup of tea. Not everyone has access to a fireplace of course so in this guide we’ll discuss a variety of ideas to show you how to keep warm and help you stave off those winter blues.

How to Keep Warm – Wrapping Up

The horrid weather means that we have a legitimate reason to really pile the layers on and wrap up warm. The harshness of the season means you are given licence to wear garish items of clothing that would make you the source of ridicule at any other time of year. So, bring out those fuzzy green jumpers, cardigans and ridiculous scarves and wear them with pride. Not only will they keep you warm, but you know deep down that you actually look pretty great in them!

Mix of folded jumpers on two shelves

Keep it Where it Counts

A similarly free tactic could be to keep the doors shut in the rooms you want to stay warm and shut off the radiators in the rooms you know you won’t be using in order to preserve all the heat for the rooms that need it.


Insulating your home might not be as expensive as you think and a well-insulated house does all the work for you without it costing you an extra penny. Though the initial outlay might seem quite drastic, most homes can save up to £500 a year if they are properly insulated, so after a few years, you’ll almost certainly be breaking even. There are numerous options available for affordable home insulation. Draught excluders are cheap and easy to install or you could consider fitting lined curtains in the living room to keep the heat where it needs to be.

Hot Drinks

Whether your vice be tea, coffee or hot chocolate, (or maybe even a cheeky hot toddy?), it can’t be denied that sitting by the window watching the snow delicately cover the streets as you gorge yourself on a toasty hot beverage can be a genuine pleasure.

Looking down into a mug of hot tea with teabag in

A Long, Hot Bath

There seems to be a fair amount of snobbery about bathing these days. We’re all too busy it would seem to take the time out of our day to have a good soak in the tub. However, a hot bath not only raises your body temperature but is exceptionally relaxing. Also, if it’s horrible outside, it’s not like you have anywhere else to be anyway!

White Oval Bathtub

It’s been a pretty cold year so far and the forecast doesn’t look much better in the weeks ahead. Using the tips above we hope you can keep yourselves warm this winter without breaking the bank

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