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Happy New Year! Wow this year has flown by! Lottie is 1 next week and I still can’t actually believe she has been on the planet for a whole year now! So much has happened but we have ended 2018 on a high and we are ready for whatever 2019 throws at us! So, I wanted to start the blogging year off by going through 10 of our best posts from last year; the posts that I enjoyed writing and more importantly the posts that you enjoyed reading the most! (if you haven’t read 1 or 2 yet, you still can!).

Also, I thought it would be nice to go through my blogging goals from last year and see how many we managed to hit and which ones we can maybe work on a bit this year as I think it’s a really positive thing to do at the start of each year!

Let’s get to it, the 10 top posts of last year were:

So, reviews were definitely a hit then and I’m glad that so many of you loved the Baked Camembert Loaf recipe as it really is one of my favourite foods! I wonder what your favourite posts will be this time next year?

My blogging goals for 2018 were quite vague due to the fact I knew baby would arrive anytime after Christmas 2017. I decided to keep my goals to things like increasing my followers, writing more of my own posts i.e. not reviews and I wanted to get involved in some of the great Facebook groups I’m a member of. I did do a lot of those things and I managed to even set up the welcome sequence for my email list that had been on my to-do list for about a year! Now just to get some subscribers on there!

The only thing I didn’t do as much of as I would have liked was to write more of my own content that wasn’t reviews and I definitely didn’t do any sorting out of old posts which is now something high up on my to-do list since I have been writing for 3 years now and accumulated a lot of posts in that time!

I have some great goals for 2019 that I will share in a couple of weeks’ time but for now, I’m working on getting back into a routine ready for school starting again next week and also coming up with good New Year’s resolution for myself!

I hope you had a good Christmas and a great New Year!

What was your favourite post from Mummydaddymia’s year?

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