How To Prepare Your Home For The Summer Months

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While it’s still only spring time here in the UK, we have already experienced the joy of warm sunny weather which has many people gearing up for the summer months! It might not quite be warm enough to slap on the sun tan just yet, but if you’re someone that adores the summer time, you might be thinking of preparing your home for the warmer weather. We’ve got some amazing tips to help you prepare your home for the summer months so that when it’s finally here, you can spend more time enjoying the sun!

Neaten up the garden 

It’s very likely you’ll be spending more time in the garden once the weather is warmer. However, the last thing you want to be doing is spending that time making your garden look neat and tidy beneath the warm sun. Trimming hedges and lawns, pulling weeds, and repainting your garden fences now means you can spend more time enjoying your garden and lapping up that much needed sunlight.

Install air conditioning

Over the past decade or so, summers here in the UK have reached record breaking temperatures and many households have struggled to keep cool when it’s simply too hot outside. Researching air conditioning installers now will give you the time to have a unit fitted before the hot weather arrives, meaning you can enjoy a lovely cool home when the sun becomes a bit too much.

Use thinner linens

If you’ve got heavy and thick curtains, cushion covers and bedspreads, now might be the time to dig out linen that’s more suitable for the summer time. Thicker linens retain the heat, and using thinner linens will not only eliminate this during the warmer months, but also give your home a fresh look for the summer time.

Prepare your decking

If you’ve got a decking you’ll know all too well how greasy and slimy it can become over the winter months due to rainfall, leaves and general dirt and dust. Taking the time to jet wash your decking and protecting it with a new layer of varnish will prolong the life of your decking, not to mention get another job out of the way before the beautiful weather hits.

Flip your mattresses

It’s recommended to flip your mattress in the winter and then again in the summertime. It also gives you the chance to use some bicarbonate of soda to clean your mattresses and clean and dust or belongings that have made their way underneath the beds. Flipping your mattresses also prolongs their life and therefore, means you’ll get a much better night of rest after a beautiful day enjoying the sun.

Tint your windows

Finally, installing tinted film onto your windows will help regulate the heat in your home during both the summer and winter months due to the reflective nature of the film. Not only that, they add privacy to your home and protect furniture inside from becoming bleached by the sun. They’re fairly inexpensive and are easy enough to install too!


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