Four Awesome Adult Gift Categories

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Adult Gift Categories
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Summer is almost here, and while it doesn’t approach the pressure of December in terms of gifting, there are still many presents to buy.  Those summer birthdays are coming up, and summer barbecues and parties demand a courtesy gift for your hosts.  And let’s face it, the adults in your life are all hard to buy for.  Kids don’t have much access to money, but most adults can get out and buy whatever they want or need within their price range.  That means you have to pick a gift that they didn’t know they wanted but definitely did.  Not an easy task.  Check out these five ideas for a place to start when buying adult gift categories.

Excellent Adult Beverages

Unless your friends are sober, it is hard to go wrong with drinks, and there are so many exceptional options readily available these days!  Craft brews and wines from small vintners are just places to start.  Why not try a personalised liqueur gift or a kit with all the ingredients for an unusual cocktail?  A book of cocktail recipes can be a great choice as well.  Just make sure to respect it if the person you are gifting is trying to cut back or cut booze out of their life.  A book of virgin cocktail options can be a good choice, but make sure you are sensitive to the needs of any person working on sobriety.  


Though they can still be a good option in some cases, magazine subscriptions are just the tip of the iceberg these days, especially if you can spend a little more money.  There is a subscription available for almost anything you can think of.  Does your friend or a family member have a dog?  A monthly supply of pet treats and toys could be a great choice.  How about a subscription to reproductions of letters from famous minds of the past for the history buff in your life?  And there are so many more ideas to choose from!  With a subscription, it will be like you are giving them thoughtful gifts all year!  

DNA Testing

It’s hard to think of a more personalised gift than a DNA test.  Give someone insight into their family tree and a heads up about any genetic conditions they may need to address.  And don’t limit yourself to the humans!  Wisdom Panel does dog DNA tests, and Basepaws has a relatively recent test available for cats. However, the results for cats are not as detailed (cats have a shorter domestication history than dogs and are not as heavily bred).  

DIY Kits

There is no better way to explore an interest than to do it yourself.  Like subscriptions, it seems like there is a DIY kit available for just about anything, from craft brewing to hot sauce and bath bombs.  It’s worth looking for quality options here, though, since many kits can be pretty chintzy.  You can give your friend a chance to try their hand at nearly any hobby and find out if it is something they want to explore in-depth.  

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