Mia reading Mug the Wumph

Immerse Yourself in Magical Adventures with Mug the Wumph!

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We love books! I can’t say it enough, but we absolutely do! Every night we read a book before bed to the girls and through the day Mia will take herself off to so some reading in her room and Lottie brings us book after book to read so we go through a fair amount now! They absolutely getting lost in magical adventures! Mia has just started reading books with chapters in and she gets really excited when she finishes another chapter in her book.

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A while ago we reviewed a book called James and the Birthday Balloon by Nicola J. Rowley and she recently got in touch with us to announce her brand new book (and very first children’s novel!) Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard. Nicola even signed the copy for the girls which makes it even more special! The book itself had an amazingly exciting launch with none other than Christopher Biggins himself reading a chapter from the book!

Mug the Wumph book cover

Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard is a ‘chapter’ book for children aged 7-12 so I knew Mia would really like to add it to her collection. Mug the Wumph is a character created by the author Nichola’s dad, he used to make up stories for her as a child, so this book is 37 years in the making! It’s a magical story all about Minty, an ordinary girl who is transported on an epic adventure after she discovers a coin at school. The magical coin actually belongs to Mug the Wumph’s and one evening she heads off on a great quest that tests her bravery!

Character list from Mug the Wumph

The book has a great female hero for little girls to look up to. She is brave, strong and shows that girls can be amazing leaders for others to follow. These I’m sure are just some of the qualities we all want our little girls to aspire to.

Every time Mia finished a chapter, she came to tell me what happened next. She really enjoyed her first taste of a ‘grown up book’. Her favourite character is Minty Taylor because she says she want to be her or failing that, have her as a friend! She has already asked if there are going to be some more Mug the Wumph stories for her to read so we will be looking out for those in the future!

Mia reading Mug the Wumph

If you have a child aged 7+ I would highly recommend the magical adventures of Mug the Wumph the Dancing Wizard. There is also an audiobook too!

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