ZeroWater jug and packaging

Is Your Water Filter Working Effectively?

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We consume a lot of water in this house, in fact it’s pretty much all we drink (apart from the odd gin!)! I don’t like tea or coffee and I have tried making them in all different ways but I just don’t like them. Believe me over the past 19 months of Lottie not sleeping, there are many occasions where I have needed the caffeine! We all know the importance of drinking water and I do put down my good skin to great genes and keeping hydrated!

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I have a Brita ‘fill and go’ bottle which I use every single day. It filters my water as I work, do the school run and is in a handy bottle for me to grab when I need it. Since I have been using this for over 3 years, I struggle to drink water straight from the tap without tasting the difference now! In an effort to cut down on our use of single use plastic, I have stopped drinking bottled water so I’m looking for alternatives to this.

Last year I saw a programme all about the coolest gadgets to buy your friends and family for Christmas hosted by Philip Schofield. On it he tested a really cool water filter that boasted the fact you could pour red wine into the top of it and crystal clear, pure water would come out the bottom. I was intrigued as I’m pretty sure not many water filters can do that! As the programme showed, he did just that and was able to drink the perfectly pure water!

I was recently asked if we would be interested in testing this exact same filter jug, so of course I said yes! The ZeroWater is a 12-cup water filter jug that aims to dissolve all solids from your everyday tap water. The design of the filter jug itself consists of a sealed lid and reservoir, pull and pour button spout and included is a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter which slots into the top of the filter.

ZeroWater jug and packaging

The big difference between the ZeroWater filter and other filters is that it uses a 5-filter system. Most filters use a 2-filter system. This 5-filter system is able to remove virtually all dissolved solids such as; Minerals, Salts, Metals, Chemicals and 99% of all Fluoride from your tap water. The additional stages of filtration ensure that larger particles are also removed. Drink Up has a great post explaining how long the filters last.

Filter top for the ZeroWater jug
ZeroWaste Water Filter connected to the lid

I tested our water before and after filtration and got some surprising results! Using the laboratory-grade TDS Meter included, our tap water (before filtration) was reading 125ppm and when I tested the filtered water coming out, it read 000! That is pretty good going! Luckily, we live in an area where the tap water is quite good and is drinkable as the average TDS in tap water is around 220ppm so I would love to see results from areas where the water isn’t particularly drinkable!

TDS Meter Readings

What I initially like about the ZeroWater filter is that the jug itself looks really high quality. The design is sleek and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart as soon as your start pouring water into it! I love the fact it has a sealed lid so you can literally start pouring the filtered water to drink as soon as you have started filling the jug up so you don’t have to wait for all of the water to be filtered first.

Your water can be poured using the ergonomically designed handle on the jug or it has a one-handed pull and pour button spout which I have found to be really useful as the filter jug is heavy when full. It means the ZeroWater filter jug can be filled, popped into the fridge and left with the spout hanging over the shelf ready for use. Even Mia can use it to grab a cold drink! It also means you can fill pretty much anything you want with it; cups, mugs, glasses, bottles, anything you need really!

Water filter sat on fridge shelf

The ZeroWater provides a great alternative to bottled water, not only tasting great but also cheaper and better for the environment due to not needing single use plastic bottles! You can definitely taste the difference in the water and it’s great to be able to test that its working as it should with the TDS Meter. The ZeroWater filter jug has been a great addition to our home and at £39.99 it’s well worth the price!

Do you drink bottled water? Will you be switching to a water filter?

See the ZeroWater filter jug in action:

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