Help Buying the Latest Fashions for the Man in your life

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This is a collaborative post

I don’t buy clothes for Mario very often (except for the odd pack of socks!) as he, like most men, has his own idea about men’s fashions and clothes much in the same way as I wouldn’t expect him to go out and buy me clothes (although I’m sure he would do a good job as he’s surprisingly good at choosing my outfits on nights out!). He knows what he likes and the colours he enjoys wearing so when I want to actually buy him some new tops or maybe a pair of shoes, I have no idea what may be the latest men’s fashions let alone what he might actually wear! I also find it quite difficult to find nice men’s clothes shops as there are not even half the amount of high street men’s stores as there are women’s. Popping into town can often be a frustrating experience or result in actually spending far more in department stores than you would otherwise want to.


This Christmas (yes, I have mentioned Christmas already!) I would love to get Mario some lovely bits and pieces to add to his ever expanding clothes collection especially as his clothes are now hanging off him due to his recent weight loss! It would also be nice to know what designer brands are out there for men as I’m not into designer brands at all so haven’t a clue and it would be nice to treat him to something really special! For me it would be a trip to a department store for him to grab whatever they had which isn’t the shopping experience I would like.

Shoes and Belts

That’s where Standout, the men’s fashion store, comes in handy for people like me! Launched in 2005, they specialise in bringing designer brands for men together in one place and save men and their partners the hassle of going to various different places to find the styles they want. They now have over 70 men’s designer labels on their website and although competitively priced, they do not compromise on quality or on their customer service. They stock brands from Calvin Klein to Ray-Ban and are a one-stop-shop for everything a man could need! It is the easiest way for not only men to shop online but also creates a great platform for partners to do a little shopping on their behalf!

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