Practicing Daily Gratitude and Affirmation with Mål Paper

Pink cover of the Daily Goal Setter planner

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Having time for myself and sitting down to plan both my personal and work life doesn’t come easy. With 2 children, and a partner who works away a lot, there is little time left for me! Like most busy mums (and parents), me-time is few and far between but it’s so important for your wellbeing and your health. It’s not very often that I sit and think about my daily gratitude and affirmation!

Cover image for Daily Goal Setter

I find I work better when I have a strict routine and a plan of action when I sit down to work. I’m really good a tick-lists and they give me huge satisfaction however I very rarely sit and think about what I have actually achieved that day, week or even month. I’m too busy planning the next thing I need to do! My main problem is that I end up with lots of lists of things I need to do and its quite overwhelming to then try and get each one done!

I have lots of different diary’s and ‘things to do’ notepads which are fab at keeping me on track on a daily basis, but I haven’t really delved much deeper into how to be the most productive I can be with my days so this where Mål Paper come in.

Mål Paper is a brand-new stationary brand who’s aim is to help people reach their goals through the use of productivity and gratitude practices using their stylish and simplistic stationary. The word Mål, pronounced ‘mo-l’, means goal in Swedish and they take inspiration from the Scandinavian clean and clutter-free way of living.

Mål Paper have recently launched their first product, the Daily Goal Setter planner which is ‘a simple and stylish planner to help you prioritise your tasks and promote daily gratitude and affirmation practice.’ The daily Goal Setter is a great tool to make goals clearer and be more productive, structuring your day.

Pink cover of the Daily Goal Setter planner

The planner itself is PU Faux Leather and is hardback which I always think adds a certain high-quality feel to a product. I chose the pink cover, but it is also available in black and grey. The planner lasts for 6 months and is undated so you can literally date it however best suits you which is a really nice touch as so often I have started using a diary or a planner and then missed a few weeks out and then you feel like you waste half the book!

The Daily Goal Setter planner is easy to follow and there are instructions on how best to fill it out to get the most from it, inside. There is a section on daily gratitude and affirmation practice so you can start your day off positively and review your day in the evening to see what you have achieved.

Information Page on how to use the planner
Things to be grateful for each day

There is also an area to write down long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals that you may have in your personal life as well as for your work. The way the planner is set out so you can prioritise and review your daily, weekly and monthly tasks easily and simply, is really important when you don’t have lots of time!

Setting short term, medium term and long term goals

I have really enjoyed writing small affirmations each morning before I start my day. They have helped me start off my mornings in a positive way as well as focus my mind on the day ahead which is really useful when its hectic! Each evening, having a look at what I have achieved each day is also fab for my mental health. Sometimes as the day goes by, you forget what you have done and focus on what you haven’t, whereas written down in front of you, it’s easier (and quicker) to see the positive things!

Weekly review page for the Daily Goal Setter planner

The daily, weekly and monthly goal setting has also had an impact on my daily life. I’m much more focused and find that more things get done in the day as my time is not taken up trying to decide what I should be doing; I just go and get it done!

Month Review page for Daily Goal Setter planner

At £20.95, Mål Paper’s Daily Goal Setting Planner is on the pricier side of planners I would usually buy however after trying it out for myself and seeing the positive impact its having on my personal and working life, I would definitely buy one when I have filled this one!

If you’re looking for a great planner that not only keeps you organised but helps you see the positive in every single day, this is the planner for you!


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