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Our Daily Morning School Run Routine

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One of the most difficult times of the day is the school run. It sometimes fills me with dread knowing that we all have to be up, dressed, have breakfast and out by 8:20am and it can really ruin my whole day if it goes wrong! I know that the daily morning school run can be a real bugbear for you guys too so I thought I would share what I do to get organised and see if it helps at all for you. If you’re struggling with a general daily routine, I have some tips for you too!

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The first thing to mention is that the night before I always get out all of our clothes ready for the next day. That includes my own so that I’m not wasting precious time every morning trying to figure out what to wear! On a Sunday, I put all of Mia and Lottie’s pjs, uniform and underwear into plastic boxes so each day they can grab a box and it has everything they need in (this helps stop so much faff from them both!). I also make sure both school bags are packed with everything they needs and a bottle of water.

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5 boxes of uniform

I get up about 7am and jump straight in the shower and get dressed. This is either with Lottie or without her, it depends on whether she’s up early or not. 7:20am I go into Mia and wake her up, we all go downstairs for breakfast. We have breakfast all together, but I tend to finish mine first so leave the girls to eat the rest of theirs and I go and brush my teeth.

I hate coming back to mess so while I’m upstairs I go into the girl’s rooms and our room and open all the curtains and make all the beds. We are really tidy generally speaking so there isn’t ever real mess to tidy up and I make the effort to never go to bed with a messy house! Then if all is going well, I quickly clean the upstairs bathroom which includes spraying down the shower, cleaning the sink and the toilet. Then I come back downstairs and clean the downstairs toilet and sink. I pop a load of washing in the washing machine so that’s almost finished by the time we get back from the school run.

By this time, it’s almost 8am so Mia goes upstairs to get ready and Lottie goes to play in the living room. I put my make up on and then get Lottie dressed ready to go out. By this time, it’s about 8:20am so I quickly do Mia’s hair for school, we get shoes and coats on and leave the house!

Girls sat on the stairs ready for school

I know when I get home, I just have to get the washing out of the machine and pop it in to tumble dry. Then I can get on with whatever cleaning it is that day and that’s it! I have written about our daily bedtime routine if your interested!

Car selfie with all 3 of us

How do you organise your home in the mornings ready for the daily morning School run?


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