London’s must-see tourist attractions

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It’s true when they say London is a city unlike any other in the world. This is why in 2019 alone, more than 19.56 million tourists visited England’s capital city. So, whether you’re travelling from abroad – or are even living in England but haven’t yet ventured to its bustling and vibrant centre – don’t miss these must-see tourist attractions the next time you find yourself in London:

Historical landmarks

Nothing much compares to sitting on a red double-decker bus and whizzing past many of London’s most historical landmarks – coincidentally also some of the most recognisable sights in the world. Be it the Tower of London, the London Eye, Big Ben or even Buckingham Palace, visitors can spend hours playing eye spy along London’s biggest roads. Want to visit these sites like a true local? Hop on the tube or the overground and visit them on foot; even London Bridge has its own stop on the Thameslink railway line…

London’s must-see tourist attractions


There are not many cities where you can experience cuisines from pretty much every corner of the world; London is a food-lovers mecca, especially the spectacular core of London’s tantalising culinary scene: Soho. Only in the very best of Soho’s restaurants can you start first with Thai, move on to Mediterranean, and then have French cuisine for dessert all in the same evening.

Covent Garden

London’s Covent Garden is one of those places that does a bit of everything – and does it all very well. Visitors can lose themselves in world-class fashion, beauty and lifestyle stores, before heading for a bite to eat at several world-renowned five-star restaurants. As well as fine dining and excellent shopping, Covent Garden also has a rich history well worth discovering, particularly, the orchard garden of Westminster Abbey and London’s first residential square.

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is one of London’s most exciting performance venues, and at 150 years old, has been loved by locals and tourists for many years… If you do get a chance to see a performance at the Royal Albert Hall, you certainly won’t forget it in a hurry.


Home to some of the best stores in the world, London is a shopper’s paradise for those looking to splash the cash or those that even get a thrill from just window shopping! Take everything in on a wander down manic Oxford Street, sift through the city’s thrift offerings in Camden Market, or indulge in the many boutiques around Carnaby Street…

Whether you want to visit some of the city’s historical landmarks, fill your soul with an incredible performance at one of its live music and theatre venues, or treat yourself to some much-needed retail therapy, London is full to the brim of must-see tourist attractions.

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