Discovering Maverick Picture Books with Mia

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We have a love of books and with a hugely growing collection; it was really nice to get some brand new books to read to Mia at bedtime. This time our new books have come from 2 Maverick Picture Books, who launched in 2009 and who sent us one of our recent favourite books ‘Fum’ a few months ago.

The first book we were sent is ‘The Snugglewump’, a lovely story that Mia really related to, about a child’s most loved toy. Mia has her TedTed who she has had since birth and I don’t know what we would do without him and this book echoes that by telling a story of how the Snugglewump feels it can’t be as important as the child’s other toys as it doesn’t ‘do’ anything in particular like some of her other toys do however when it goes off and gets stuck in a tree, the child Molly is really upset and is finally only comforted when she finds her beloved Snugglewump and takes it home. It’s a lovely rhyming story written by Lou Treleaven and illustrated beautifully by Kate Chappell and Mia has asked for it a few times as her bedtime story.

Maverick Picture Books

The second story we were sent is ‘Wishker’ an interesting story about a cat who can grant special magical wishes. Mirabel decides everyone always says no to her and she’s never allowed to do what she wants to and so one day Wishker the cat appears and grants her wish to make everyone say yes to whatever she wants. However she quickly finds out that it’s not as fun when everyone says yes and actually it’s ok for people to say no sometimes! A lovely story written by Heather Pindar and illustrated by Sarah Jennings, this humorous story gives children life lessons about the importance of saying please!

Maverick Picture Books

We have really enjoyed reading the Maverick Picture Books; ‘The Snugglewump’ and ‘Wishker’ over the past couple of weeks and Mia has found them both really lovely to read. They are perfect bedtime stories and with them both being priced at £6.99 each, great value stories for younger children to enjoy! I’m sure she will be asking for them at bedtime for a while to come!

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