Mia’s Easter Hunt with L.O.L Surprises!


With Easter coming up, Mia not really bring into chocolate as such (weird child I know!), and Mario and I trying to be as fit and healthy as we can, we are always trying to think of ways that we can celebrate Easter together that doesn’t really involve lots and lots of chocolate. I adore chocolate and can’t go a day without having a bit in some shape or form but Mia isn’t that bothered and much prefers carrots and cucumber?! When we were asked if we wanted to set up an Easter Hunt that wasn’t all about chocolate and focused more on little treats, I was really interested and knew Mia would have lots of fun doing it!

Easter Hunt

I started off by looking up Easter Hunt clues as I’m rubbish at things like that, thankfully mumsnet came to the rescue and I was able to adapt some of their ideas to our own house. Mia knew what we were doing so I had to keep getting her to stay in the living room while I hurriedly hid all of the prizes from her and got the clues together.

Easter Hunt

Mia was great and really enjoyed searching the house for her prizes! Included in the Easter Hunt prizes were; an L.O.L Surprise Diva Bow for Mia’s hair, a Secret Message, a Joke, a Colouring in sheet, a Postcard with lots of different quotes on it, a pack of Sour Snake Sweets, and the final prize for Mia to find was a series 1 L.O.L Surprise Ball to unbox which caused a lot of excitement! The L.O.L Surprise Ball contains a Lil Outrageous Littles Doll with mix and match accessories.

Easter Hunt

I had never seen or heard of the L.O.L Surprise Ball before but as Mia knows everything, she recognised it straight away and since she is addicted to watching unboxing videos on YouTube, she knew exactly what to do with it. The ball itself is wrapped 3 times and underneath each layer there is a little prize. Once opened fully, the ball itself contains small packages that when put together, form your little doll and accessories. Each ball can be a doll stand, a bathtub, a hangout, and a purse with a little handle. Included with the dolls are a bottle, bib, clothes, and footwear which you can take on and off. The surprise is the doll can either colour change, wee, spit water or cry depending on which doll it is and you can collect them all of course! Mia was very excited to try hers out and was desperate for it to colour change but we got one that spits water out! She still had lots of fun with it on the kitchen table.

Easter Hunt

Mia really enjoyed her Easter Hunt and loved searching for her prizes so much that she wanted me to set it all up again. I ate the Sour Snake Sweets by the time she had finished the Hunt so she wasn’t very impressed. Apparently even though she wouldn’t ever eat them, I wasn’t allowed to either! But I think the prizes not being chocolate meant the whole Hunt actually lasted quite a while and she is able to play with the doll well after the Hunt is over. We will do a little Egg Hunt for her on Sunday but if, like us, you don’t like to focus on chocolate so much, you could always do one with small prizes and Mia’s excitement was more than worth it! We even made some Chocolate Easter Cakes and you can make your very own using my quick and easy recipe.

You can see a video of Mia completing the whole Easter Hunt along with the clues here:

There is also a downloadable sheet for you to print off your ready-made clues:


Disclaimer: We were sent the prizes in order to create this Easter Hunt however all opinions and views are honest and our own.

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