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I answered a request for Christmas time family traditions on Twitter. At the time I didn’t know that it was for the leading parenting magazine Mother & Baby!! When I read that they were looking for Christmas family traditions, I immediately thought about the tradition we have had for years and loved since we were children. 

We have a lovely Snowman tradition in our family that started with my Nanna when my brother, sister and I were little. She covered an old sweet jar with cotton wool and decorated it with buttons as eyes and a nose, and a woolly hat and scarf to look just like a snowman. He would then sit on the table during Christmas dinner and contained a present for each of us attached to name tags with ribbon. We would each in turn pull out the present with our name on during Christmas dinner. It was lovely to have a small present at the table after we had finished opening all of our main presents in the morning. My mum then started to do the same and from then on we have always done it.


When we had Mia, we decided to make our own snowman and carry the unique present-giving ourselves. She loves it and as she gets older, she knows what’s coming which adds to the excitement!

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Our Christmas tradition was published in December 2015’s issue of Mother & Baby



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