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Mummy The Juggler: Making Time For Everyone In Your Life

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Mummy the Juggler
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Being a mum is the greatest job role in the world. However, it can leave you feeling like a juggler or plate spinner who is trying to manage far too many issues for one pair of hands. In addition to your career and housekeeping tasks, you also need to ensure that you spend enough time with your nearest and dearest.

Frankly, enjoying quality time with everyone is far from easy. But it can be achieved. Here’s how.

Spending Time With The Kids

First and foremost, you must ensure that you are getting enough quality time with your children. They grow up so fast, which is why making each day count is vital. 

Even with the restrictions in place, you can create magical memories with creative projects at home or exploring the local parks. However, this will be very difficult when your free time is consumed by cleaning and homemaking. Robotic vacuums, slow cookers, and other tools that make life easier should be embraced.

Try to unlock your child’s passion in life. Even if you’re not a fan right now, their enjoyment will soon turn it into your greatest hobby too.

Making Time For Your Spouse

As parents, your children always come first. Nevertheless, this should not be an excuse to stop appreciating each other. Celebrating your love is central to your happiness.

Right now, home date ideas are particularly important. Not only because external opportunities are limited, but also because you can’t have your babysitter visit. When a little normality returns to life, you should commit yourself to a monthly date. Even a cheap and cheerful idea like bowling can work wonders.

In addition to preventing the threat of taking each other for granted, it will reduce your stress levels. And it encourages you to work as a team in daily life too.

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Creating Time For Parents

While the members of your household are the priority, you also feel responsible for your parents. They gave you decades of support, and it’s only fair that you pay them back.

You want your elderly parents to be safe and retain as much independence as possible. Live in care is the ideal solution for their wellness and your peace of mind. Moreover, it means you will no longer feel like their carer. In turn, you can actually focus on spending quality time together. With the grandparent-parent-grandchild dynamic.

Getting the transition right can feel a little daunting. Once you find the winning routine, though, it will be better for everyone.

Remembering Yourself

Making time for others is essential for your wellbeing as well as theirs. nonetheless, you should not overlook the need to enjoy personal hobbies,

Whether it’s getting fit, playing music, or writing doesn’t matter. Taking some time out for your own activities will bring balance to your life and mindset. Some of those hobbies can be enjoyed with friends while others benefit from the peace of being alone. Either way, ignoring yourself is simply not an option.

After all, a happier mum is a better mum for all the family. So, there’s no reason to feel guilty or selfish about it either. Perfect.

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