Supporting Your Feet During Pregnancy with Souls Insoles


When I was pregnant with Mia just over 4 years ago, I didn’t really notice any issues with my feet or limbs however I do know that pregnancy puts a lot of strain on your body and now I’m pregnant again and now at aged 30, I don’t think it will be as plain sailing as it perhaps was last time round! I noticed that Souls Insoles were looking for pregnant women to try out their specially designed shoe insoles so I put us forward to give them a try!

Souls Insoles

Souls Insoles have created lovely leather shoe insoles designed to fit in all shoes, boots, flip flops, and sandals. With 1/3 of all bones in your body being in your feet, we need to make sure that the stain pregnancy puts on your body doesn’t leave any longer term side effects. A hormone called Relaxin is released by your body during pregnancy and this hormonal change can cause loosened tendons and ligaments and making you more susceptible to muscle and joint pain later on down the road. The Relaxin in your feet can cause your arches to fall and can increase your foot size by as much as a full size which obviously causes discomfort and uncomfortable feet when walking.

Souls Insoles

Souls Insoles create a support for your feet and arches so that if during pregnancy, your arches flatten and the muscles loosen, you can still feel healthy and comfortable and carry on with your day as normal. As the effect can cause pain in feet, knees and hips and continue later on even after pregnancy, it’s a good idea to use shoes insoles as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Souls Insoles
Souls Insoles

The insoles themselves are designed to support your arches to minimise the risk of arch drop, support your feet to minimise increases in width and length, and to provide a cushion of air under the whole of your feet to keep you comfortable. Each insole has an elegant leather design which looks lovely in your shoe and come already cut to size so you are ready to go! All you have to do is stick the insoles to the base of your shoe with the double sided stickers provided.

The insoles come in a lovely little bag to keep them safe wherever you need them and are to fit all types of shoes and boots. There are a range of colours available; Royal Purple, Poppy Red, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Slate Grey, and Silver and priced at £24.99 are well worth the investment! It only took me a couple of wears to get used to them in my shoes and then after that I haven’t really noticed them at all so I’m sure they will help keep my muscles and joints healthy during the next 6 months and beyond! The orthopaedic padding can retain its bounce for up to several years even with regular wear so they are designed to last a long while yet. Souls Insoles are definitely more than ‘just’ an insole!

Soles Insoles

Disclaimer: we were sent a pair of insoles in order to write this however all opinions and views are honest and our own

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