Creating The Perfect Date Night When You Have Kids!

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Since having Mia, like every other parent out there, our nights out on the town have become a long distant memory! We are lucky enough to have my mum and stepdad who have Mia for us once a month so we can go out for a meal or go to the cinema but it’s definitely not the same. It took us about 2 years to get back into the ‘swing’ of going out and when we have moved house, we especially wanted to spend some time together as Becca and Mario as opposed to just Mummy and Daddy all the time. So how do you go about creating the perfect date night when you have kids?

Creating the perfect date night when you have kids

As it’s more difficult to go out now we have to come up with new ways of spending time together at home and it does become tricky as it’s so easy to fall into the sitting on the sofa in your pj’s, grabbing a quick dinner and a brief catch up about your day but there is only so long you can do that without it impacting on your relationship. So how can you go about creating the perfect date night ? Well there are lots of ways that parents can spend time together as a couple even in your own home, the most obvious being, watching a movie together. We spend a lot of time searching through Sky’s endless movies to find one for us to watch and it’s something we really enjoy doing. It’s even better when you can watch a movie on a Ultra HD 4K Panasonic TV! Their line of high-definition 4K UHD TVs can deliver 4x the resolution as Full HD TVs, which means you can now enjoy your movie with amazing detail, texture, depth and colour definition.


Another thing we like to do is browse the latest box sets on Sky. You can find new content each month and it regularly updates with the latest episodes. We have Sky Q and find it really easy to navigate to the content you want to watch. The fact Q also recommends new series and shows for you to watch based on your viewing history is also really handy as sometimes I flick past series I never would have known I would actually enjoy watching! If you’re into your sports but you don’t have Sky, makemoneywithoutajob has a great post on how to get Sky Sports without actually having Sky so make sure you check that out!

Another thing we want to try out is the Amazon Fire Stick, not only as we have both loved (the original!) Top Gear but also because there are some shows on there that are exclusive to Amazon and it irritates me when I can’t access everything! #impatient

Creating the perfect date night

Mia is obsessed with board games at the moment and not normal games, no Mia loves Game of Life and Pay Day which is amazing as these were some of my favourite childhood games but it’s impossible to teach her all the rules which can get frustrating for her! I have always enjoyed board games and I think they make a great home date night too! You can spend time together without the TV on and do something fun which will no doubt end in fits of giggles!

Creating the perfect date night

Mario and I share a passion for cooking so it’s lovely on a Friday or Saturday night to stand in the kitchen with a glass of wine each and make one of our favourite dinners together. It also means that we can have a good chat about our days and what we have been up to. It’s the best way to catch up and we often slip into talking about the past few years and what we want from the future. It’s nice to do this every so often and makes us feel like we are a couple as well as parents. It has been really helpful for our relationship and it’s so important to make sure that you spend time together, it doesn’t have to be always going out if you can’t afford to or can’t get a babysitter, there are plenty of things to do at home in your own house.

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