Weight Loss Journey Update (so far…)

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Ok, so you may remember a few weeks ago I posted a blog about how I was beginning my own weight-loss journey in order to feel happier and more confident in myself: ( Love Of Food post) … Well I thought I would write a quick update as I haven’t written a blog post in a long while and I’m trying to ease myself back in to it all!

So, I can officially say I’m half a stone lighter today than I was when I started this journey … half a stone! Now you’re probably reading this thinking ‘big wow, half a stone’ but for someone who loves food, has never dieted and never will, this is a pretty big deal!I happened upon a great Facebook page called ‘Eat less & move more’ (Eat Less Move More) and it’s all about exactly what it says, no need for diets or rubbish fads, just simply eat less and move more and the amazing thing is, it actually works! I have spent the last 3 months eating exactly the same things but watching my portion sizes and making choices about whether or not I actually need an extra piece of chocolate or even chocolate at all. If I do choose to eat more then I do some exercise to balance it out. Using my Fit Bit I aim for 8000 steps a day and pretty much hit that and more each day. As well as this I have been using the 100% Army Fit app (Army Fit App) and the couch to 5k app (Couch to 5k) every other day and on the in-between days I focus on muscle workouts using YouTube videos I find. For someone who doesn’t like walking or working out at all, I find that having a focus such as an app or a video, help me to get a workout in each day and Mia loves to do her own version of the workouts alongside me!  It’s done wonders for my general confidence levels, something which I have trouble with now and again. My clothes are starting to feel looser and I recently got some old clothes out that never fit properly and all but one pair of jeans fit me now!

There isn’t much more to say other than, weight-loss doesn’t have to be about faddy diets and living off lettuce and carrots all day, it can be about eating what you want to but balancing it out with some exercise. There is no way I’m stopping now!

Update: I have been trying out a range of diets in order to see how sustainable they are long term and how easily they fit into a busy mummy’s lifestyle, you can read all about it here!

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