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As a first time parent, I’m always discovering products that make our lives not only simpler but easier. Mia has been at Preschool since last November and when she was about to start there, I wanted to pop her name in a few bits of clothing in order to easily find them if they ever got mixed up with another child’s. At the time, the easiest way for me to get Mia’s name on her shoes, coat and bag quickly and cheaply was to buy a fabric pen and write it on myself but once I had done it, I wasn’t happy with how untidy it looked and how the pen didn’t write quite as clearly as I wanted it to. When I saw that My Name Label were looking for reviewers of their personalised name labels combination packs, I was really interested in finding out if they had the variety I was looking for, for Mia.

my name label

I’m a big supporter of local businesses as well as women in business so I was even more interested to learn that My Name Label, started in 1998, is now a global franchise business owned by local women all over the world. The business was started with an aim to create personalised labels that were; brighter, more varied, and included fun graphics. Their philosophy has always been to ‘keep things simple, both in terms of label design and product range.’ We were lucky enough to be able to personalise a sample pack of labels with a combination of labels inside.

name label stickers

The order process on the My Name Label website is really simple and easy. It is a 5 step process with previews along the way and selections that can be swapped and changed as you go along. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow, with a preview of your design shown on the top right-hand corner of your screen. I was also contacted by phone to double-check the design before it was printed which is a lovely extra touch:

  1. Enter Details and lettering

  2. Select a Picture (if required)

  3. Choose a Quantity

  4. Select a Colour

  5. Final Check

order screensorder screens

The labels are posted first class for no extra charge and they arrived so quickly so are perfect if you need them in a rush! I’m so happy with how the labels look, the design is so cute and the lettering really clear so will be easy to differentiate from a distance on Mia’s Preschool peg. I’m so happy with how pretty the design is! Also the sample pack I received includes a variety of the labels available to order which means that there is a label that fits and suits any type of clothing or shoe. The labels can be applied to almost anything; from bags to lunchboxs, clothes to stationary! They are really versatile.

clothing labels

shoe labels

Iron-on Stickers

There is the option of iron or stick on labels which is handy if you prefer one or the other. As a first time parent, I found this combination pack really useful as I wouldn’t know where to start with labelling up Mia’s bits and bobs as it’s not something I have ever had to do before. The labels stick on really easily to clothing or shoes and feel like they will last a long time. They come with clear instructions on the packet so you know what to do with them! As well as the labels, My Name Label also do bag tags which come in the same design ordered as the labels. It’s a lovely tag and fits Mia’s Preschool bag really well. She’s really proud of her bag tag and I know if another child has the same bag, we will be able to spot Mia’s really easily as it now stands out!

bag tag lunchbag stickers


I was so pleased with how the name labels came out and I will be ordering some more next year before Mia starts School. There are so many different ways to personalise your labels, with lots of options to choose from and they are really great value! I was sent a sample pack however packs start from £16 and go up to their combination ‘Mega Pack’ at £42 containing everything you need to kit your child out ready for school! There is no doubt that Mia will be going back to Preschool in September looking beautifully organised, all thanks to My Name Label!


Disclaimer: We were sent a sample pack of labels and a tag in order to write this review however all views and opinions are our own

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