Valentines red wrap

Personalised Paper Just in Time for Valentines Wrapping!

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We love a personalised gift in this house and we have reviewed many in the last couple of years, there is just something really special about creating and giving something unique and well thought out to family and friends on special occasions but I have never really put much thought into the actual outside of the gift. I buy standard wrapping paper and have never really thought about creating personalised paper to suit the gift that I’m giving. I saw that Pretty Gifted was looking for people to create some personalised wrap so I was really pleased when we were asked if we would like to order some.

Cover image for personalised paper

Pretty Gifted are an online personalised luxury wrapping paper company with experienced paper and printing people who have an eye for quality and can produce beautiful wrap made to order. All of the paper, colours and fonts have been chosen to complement each other and include metallic and holographic finishes. It’s really easy to order your personalised wrap; pick a paper colour from a selection on screen, a font type and a foil colour. Then write your message and select a font size as well as any of the icon’s you would like to include.

Valentines red wrap

A preview is then shown on the screen so you can see what your wrap will look like. I chose a red wrap with silver foil as I want to wrap Mario’s Valentines presents in it and red is obviously a good Valentines colour! There is also an inspiration gallery so you can see what colours look good together and get some inspiration for creating your own wrapping paper.

Valentines wrap with tag

I’m really happy with the Pretty Gifted wrapping paper. It is a high quality wrap that isn’t thin and will not rip too easily. The present I have wrapped in the paper so far looks amazing and I’m really happy with it, I can’t wait to wrap some of her other presents in it! Sheets start at £7.95 and you get a gift tag and gel pen included so it’s really good value to be able to add a personal touch to gifts and make a special gift, special on the outside too!

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  • Mrs Mummy Harris

    This is awesome! Definitely would fall on deaf ears with little man, but once he’s older this would be super cool! #thatfridaylinky

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