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How to Organise your Family’s Summer Holiday’s

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We all know that the Summer hols can feel like they go on for ever and ever and ever! With children to keep entertained for 5, 6, 7 sometimes 8 weeks at a time can feel like a bit of a nightmare! Whether you’re working while your kids are off, spending time off together at home, or going away on a family holiday, you will still want to organise your Summer weeks.

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Organise your Family’s Summer

I usually find a calendar template on word that covers the Summer holiday months, print it off and pencil in the days we are going to do things and days we are going to spend in at home. Mia is off for around 5 weeks so its 28 days in total (not including weekends as these count as just ‘normal’ days for us). So here is how I would break down the Summer for Mia:

Plan ‘nothing’ days!

We tend to have a rule, as we don’t go away until Feb half term usually, that we don’t go out somewhere every single day! We do go out and do lots of things (when the weather is ok!) but I don’t feel like I need to do something every day! It can be so expensive and to be honest, Mia sometimes just loves being at home and chilling out with her iPad! So, for 5 days of the holidays, we will be at home, doing bits and bobs in the house. Nothing fancy!

Plan family days

We make plans to go out once a week somewhere that costs a bit of money (a theme park, a zoo, a farm, etc..) and then not only does Mia have something to look forward to each week, I don’t have to worry about spending loads of money every day! We have an annual pass to a local adventure park (which I would seriously recommend getting!) so we can literally go there every couple of weeks if we want to and just pay for lunch each time = 5 days out!

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See family

I use the holidays as an opportunity to see family and that doesn’t have to be expensive at all. I can see my dad and gran at their houses (they both live around 20-25 minutes away) once a fortnight each and it costs nothing at all! That’s 6 days’ worth of hols used up already!

Meet friends

The next thing I do is think about friends we haven’t seen in a while and message them to see if they are about over the hols. We arrange to either meet at the local park and take a picnic or meet at a local soft play which costs around a fiver and a bit of lunch. That’s pretty much another 6 days taken up!

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Choose some books

We make regular trips to our local library in term time so Mia can choose new books to bring home, so I carry this on during the holidays too. She loves going and looking at the books, choosing them and giving back the ones we have previously borrowed. We would normally go once every 3 weeks, so that’s 2 days’ worth of the summer filled also.

My mum works part time but lives an hour away from us so we usually get together as much as we can in the hols. We try and see her once a week and usually meet half way at a lovely country park we love visiting. That is 5 days filled and I don’t have do the entertaining!

Child swinging on a swing, feet in the air

We sometimes just nip into the local town for a walk round and get a Maccy D’s on the way home! A really inexpensive treat for everyone! I think as long as Mia has some snacks, her toys and something to look forward to each week, she doesn’t really mind too much what we do.

I usually ask her a couple of weeks before she breaks up, what she would like to do and if there is anywhere, she can think of that she would like to go. It can sometimes be hard to think of different places to visit and she is good at remembering places she loves going to!

So, I hope that helps you to organise your Family’s Summer holiday a bit easier and gives you a few ideas! What are your plans for the holidays so far?

Why not download my Summer Holidays Calendar below so you can easily print and organise your Summer!


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