Snapshot of Our Month – August

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I can’t quite believe that it’s the end of August already! This year is absolutely flying by and now I’m 5 months pregnant, it’s slowly dawning on me that this is actually happening now! So here is our snapshot of our month for August!

This month we have done absolutely loads as it’s been the summer holidays. It’s been nice having Mia at home with me all of the time and we haven’t had too many falling’s out which is good! We have been to Rufford Abbey again which is one of our favourite places to visit. It was absolutely boiling hot and we were not dressed for it at all but we had a walk and an ice cream so we had fun all the same!

snapshot of our month

We went to the local play day in Arnold that we try and go to each year. It’s a free craft afternoon for kids and Mia got to do some painting, drawing and even played the drums! She loves having her face painted so she asked the lady to do a rainbow and a unicorn as I think she saw another little girl with that done!

snapshot of our month
snapshot of our month

We had a lovely afternoon in Sherwood Forest. I haven’t been for ages but we went for a lovely walk to the Major Oak and lunch in the café which is always a must for us!

snapshot of our month

It was Mario’s birthday this month so we had a lovely weekend without Mia and went out for a nice dinner. We even managed an Emoji cake which Mia picked!

snapshot of our month

We took my mum to Sherwood Pines to do the Gruffalo Spotter Trail again because we enjoyed it so much last time and I was really impressed with it. Unfortunately it chucked it down again so we did the trail, had some lunch and then went to the soft play near to mum’s house. You can never trust the weather, even in the Summer!

snapshot of our month

We bought all of Mia’s uniform towards the end of the holidays so we now have our very own school girl! Can’t quite believe that she starts school next week as she seems far too little!

Finally we ended our last full week together with a trip to Robin Hood’s Wheelgate which is one of Mia’s favourite places to go. It’s a great place to go for rides, play areas, soft play and all kinds of fun!

So that’s it another snapshot of our month! Another month has come and gone and we are all geared up for Mia starting school and the next month to come!

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