24 Week Bump Update

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Welcome to our 24 week bump update! Here’s week 20 in case you missed it! I can’t believe how fast it’s going and we are starting to plan the baby’s room and move bits and pieces around so it’s feeling a little bit more real now! I ended up going for an extra check-up this month as I had been feeling really stressed with Mia starting school and everything so I went to hear baby’s heartbeat and everything is perfect thankfully!

29th August: Just a quick update today as we have been for our 20 week scan today! I took mum, Lauren and Mia with me today as Mario works away now and couldn’t get back. I was amazed with the level of detail they went into showing us baby and everything is absolutely perfect! Baby is healthy and all measurements are as they should be so we are feeling really happy! We also had it confirmed today that we are having a…. GIRL! A baby sister for Mia so that is amazing news!

2nd September: Well my bump is definitely there! It has grown over the last few days and I now look more visibly pregnant which is nice! My maternity clothes came as well so I’m feeling far more comfortable which is also good. We are now 21 weeks so it’s going so fast!

8th September: So everything is going really well and I’m feeling really comfortable in my new maternity wear so my confidence is slowly growing again! Starting to feel nice kicks at night time while lying in bed and occasionally when sat down relaxing so that’s always  nice to feel. Mia started school yesterday so it’s been a bit emotional but she’s been amazing and we are really proud of her!

13th September: Over the past couple of days I have been worried about lack of movements from baby and I realised that the more anxious I’m about it, the worse I feel so I decided to ring the midwife and see what advice they could give me. Because of how the baby is growing, I can’t feel too much anyway so it’s a really tricky thing to measure but they sent me off to the DR’s to get checked out. The nurse was really lovely and really assuring, we listened to baby’s heartbeat which is perfect and agreed that I need to chill out more and learn to relax! It’s always worth getting checked out regardless of how silly you feel, you are not wasting anyone’s time and I feel immediately better!

21st September: So today I actually went to get my bras fitted! Yes I know, most women do this regularly however I have managed to get to the age of 30 only doing this once when I was about 18! So bad! I have been aware of my bra’s not fitting for around 3years and just haven’t done anything about it so today whilst in town for my eye check, I went to M&S and had 2 brand new maternity bras fitted. My God they are so comfortable and I will be back once baby is born for some more! Can’t believe it’s taken me so long!

So that’s our 24 week bump update! The weeks are flying by still and it’s scary to think that in around 3 months we will have a new-born baby again! Look out for our bump update next month!

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