Snapshots Of Our Month – October

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snapshots-octoberI have seen so many bloggers do lovely summaries of their months as a family so i thought we would do the same but use photos as the main focus. We take so many photos over the course of a month that there are so many to choose from!


We have had such a busy month, I turned 30 so obviously spread the celebrations over at least a week! It was the annual Goose Fair which is a family favourite, we did plenty of baking, and also how can we forget… Halloween! So hereĀ are our snapshots of the month!

Mia at Wheelgate! She loves anyone dressed up!
1st time jumping (on her feet) on a trampoline!
You cant beat a good fair ground ride (or 15!)
Getting better at remembering to take selfies!
My 3oth birthday present!!!!
My sister treated me to Afternoon Tea at Browns and it was delicious!
Birthday evening – had been stressful as I was full of cold and did not feel like going out and Mia did not go to sleep before we went out so was really upset!
Mario surprised me with an amazingly tasty gingerbread muffin from Costa’s and we opened my birthday champers!
We baked brownies! I think Mia ate more chocolate than actually went in the bowl!
No week would be complete without a trip to the park!
Mia’s 1st ever cinema trip! She loved it!
We managed to fit in 2 cinema trips this month! This time it was Finding Dory so Hank had to come along!
Finally….it was Halloween and although we don’t go out, Mia loved dressing up and answering the door to all the Trick or Treaters!

So that’s October done! I cant believe its gone so quick and now I’m 30! Next month is looking just as exciting and just as busy!

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