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How to Keep your Kids Entertained with Spin Master Toys

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Each school holiday, I struggle to find ways to keep the girls entertained. Lottie is 2 and Mia is 7 next month so it can be hard to find things that will keep them both happy and also keep their attention for longer than 5 minutes! The main things that keep the girls busy seem to involve building and creating as both of them really enjoy crafts (something I hate!). I’m not great at crafts so I usually turn to craft sets and building sets for them to do themselves with a bit of help when needed. One of the brands that stands out for its crafting and building toys and games is Spin Master Toys.

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Nail Stamper

Spin Master recently sent Mia their Cool Maker GO GLAM Nail Stamper (£24.99) and as a child who has never actually painted her nails before she was so excited when it arrived! I gel my own nails pretty much every 2 weeks and have always loved it but it’s something Mia has never really done! The set includes her very own at-home nail studio complete with glittery storage bag, 2 nail polishes, nail stamper and set of 5 cute stamps.

Nail stamper set

The set is really simple to use; pop your chosen stamp into the nail stamper. There are 5 to choose from; unicorns, cats, hearts, cupcakes, and flamingos. Paint your nails in one of the 2 base coat colours (purple or blue or both!).

Set of 5 nail stampers

Purple nail polish bottle, purple painted nail and blue painted nail

Put your nail inside the machine and press down firmly. The stamps are then stuck onto your nail ready for you to apply the finishing polish.

Nail Stamp machine

Cat stamp on blue nail

We did all of Mia’s fingers in about 15 minutes and were really impressed. They lasted about 3 days on Mia’s fingers which is quite good for a 6-year-old! Lottie even had a go, but she was too impatient to wait for them to dry properly! There are enough stamps to decorate up to 125 nails so that should keep them happy for a while!


Mia loves Hatchimals. She has collected them for a few years now and has quite a collection! She has been lucky enough to be sent the Hatchimals Nursery Playset and the Glitter Salon which are played with most days!

The Nursery Playset is described as ‘the perfect place to care for your baby Hatchimals’ and has 35 places to play and display them. You can also use the Hatching Tree to help hatch the CollEGGtible and it’s quite easy to do. Just place the egg inside the secret flower hidden inside the Tree and turn the yellow handle. The flower then rises to the top and cracks the egg ready for you to peel away the shell to reveal your CollEGGtible!


The Glitter Salon comes with everything you need to glitterise your Hatchimals. As well as 5 CollEGGtibles, 9 exclusive accessories and glitter foil stickers. As with other series, The Royal eggs need to be opened by warming the heart on the front of each one and pushing until they crack open.

Glitter Salon Playset

The great thing about these sets is the fact that both Mia and Lottie can play and get involved with them. They can be played with in so many different ways and the girls often add them to sets of other collectables for a huge game! The fact there are hundreds to collect means that Mia hasn’t got many twice and the surprise element to hatching every single egg is a huge draw!

Twisty Petz

The newest of our Spin Master toys are the Twisty Petz which if I’m honest, I didn’t really understand at first but as always Mia knew what she was doing! Twist Petz are bejewelled charms that can not only be worn as jewellery but also create cute pet animals when connected together. You can also connect more than 1 Twisty Petz create bigger sparkly bracelets! The girls really love these and although Lottie is a little young for them, Mia creates lovey bracelets for her to wear which she loves!

Twisty Petz charm

The Twisty Petz Cuddlez are transforming wearable plush animals. They work in the same way as the Twisty Petz charms, just pull the head and the tail to wear like a scarf and when you want to put it back together into a cuddly pet, you just grab the front and back legs and twist! The Purella Kitty is really soft and cuddly! I would suggest it’s for slightly younger children as it only just fits around Mia’s neck as a scarf, but she loves it anyway!

Mia with her Purella Kitty plushie

We have found that Spin Master toys tend to keep the girls entertained for longer periods of time than other toys and games have. It can be hard to find things that both girls like and enjoy. It’s also hard to find things they will play well with together, but these seem to be winners!


What toys keep your children entertained when they’re off school?



  • Natasha Ellis

    That nail set is so cute! And the Hatchimals remind me of a set my boys had when they were young, I think it was called moshi monsters or something like that. Hope you’re coping okay with the lockdown. x

    • Becca Farrelly

      Oh yeah I remember Moshi Monsters! Mia hasn’t seen them but she collects everything Hatchimals, Shopkins, Grossery Gang, basically all those tiny little things that get everywhere! We are good thanks! Just trying to get through the days. Hope your all ok!

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