Selection of Afternoon tea Cakes and Scones

Special Gifts for Mum This Christmas and How To Find Them

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There is nothing quite like the magic of spending Christmas Day with your children. You see their faces light up with excitement as they open their presents, and you immediately feel like all that hard work was worth it. You may have been so wrapped up in present ideas you’ve forgotten to think of yourself this year. But as a mum, you definitely deserve some special treats of your own. Why not have a read and give yourself some gift inspiration or find some special gifts for mum?

Special Gifts for Mum – Experience Gifts

Christmas clutter is far too real of a problem for us. Many of us are guilty of opening up gifts on Christmas Day, storing them away on Boxing Day and never giving them another thought. This is where giving an activity as a gift can come into play. It could be a train ticket for a city break, or a voucher for afternoon tea. Think of something you’ve always wanted to try or somewhere you’ve wanted to go. There are some great deals online, which offer fantastic experiences with decent discounts.

Selection of Afternoon tea Cakes and Scones


Jewellery is a timeless gift and as long as someone knows your taste, you can’t really go wrong with it. Whether you’re looking for a special sparkle for festive parties, or an elegant everyday piece, F.Hinds have a gorgeous range of jewellery for you to pick from. Earrings can act as a great accessory: something to accent the colours in your outfit, or act as a statement piece all by themselves. What kind of jewellery suits your style?

Gold and Silver Hanging Jewellery

Memory Scrapbook

Sometimes the best gifts are the homemade ones. A scrapbook is such a sentimental and lovely present to receive. Rather than your loved one spending hours by themselves putting it together, they could simply give you the book and the craft supplies. Then the two of you could create the book together, going over your favourite memories and picking the best photos to represent them. Not only is a scrapbook a thoughtful gift, but it also offers the gift of quality time together.

Scrapbook Overlay with Flowers and Photos


This gift can not only benefit you, but the whole family. Whether you want access to National Trust Parks or visit more museums, the gift of a membership changes your whole year. The Telegraph recommends a V&A membership, but obviously that depends on your location in the country. Whichever you decide, you can plan some fun day trips and bring the whole family along!

Sun Shine through a Forest of Trees

For more gift ideas, head over to Feli Family where there is another great Christmas gift guide!

What will your special gifts for mum be this Christmas?

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