Spring Craft Ideas

Spring Craft Ideas for Kids

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Spring Craft Ideas

Hard Boiled Eggs 

Somes things never go out of style and hard boiled eggs at print time are one of those things. Hard boiled eggs are easy and safe to make – with proper supervision – they also make the ideal canvas for little person artwork on spring days indoors. 

Boil a dozen eggs in a pot for around ten minutes. To ensure the egg is boiled throughout you need to make sure it’s boiling for ten minutes. Let the eggs sit for around half an hour on a tablecloth before painting them to make sure they are stone cold. 

An Easter Wreath 

Easter is the next major festival after Christmas and it’s about time again to raise your spirits and decorate your home. Why not show your love for the season with an Easter wreath hanging from your front door. You have the added benefit of some Easter helpers to make it with you. 

Depending on your skill level you can twine a wreath together using stickers from an online craft store or buy one that’s already twined and ready to decorate. The best advice is to collect lots of spring flowers and seasonal objects from your local area and add them to the wreath. 

Fingerprint Flower Magnets 

Fingerprint flower magnets are exactly what they sound like. They are small translucent gemstones that contain a flower print made from your children’s fingerprints. These items are the perfect craft for keeping kids busy and make an ideal gift for grandparents at Easter. 

To make the magnets you will need cardstock, finger ink pads, clear glass gems, scissors, glue and magnets. All of which you will find at Nottingham Nursery who provide a flexible and creative approach to learning. You can also find detailed instructions on how to make them online. 

Cherry Blossom Soda Bottle Painting 

Springtime is so big in the east that its traditions have made their way across the world and landed in our own culture. We mean cherry blossoms. Often associated with springtime here as well as places like Japan and Korea, albeit more popular over there.

An excellent craft for the springtime is to make a cherry blossom soda bottle painting with your kids. Get a large sheet of paper and paint a brown crooked line for a tree trunk, then dip the base of a soda bottle in some pink paint and print on the cherry blossoms. Voila. 

Paper Straw Tulips 

In this part of the world we have daffodils 8n springtime, and in Asia they have cherry blossoms. Holland and Europe, however, have tulips. You can educate your children about different parts of the world and have fun creating crafts at the same time with paper straw tulips. 

To make these fun seasonal crafts cut a tulip design on some construction paper – make sure the paper is the colour you want to do the flower. Next accordion-fold the paper four times and put a punch through the middle. This is the hole for the straw. You can then add some green leaves on the stalk.

Have you got any cute Spring Craft Ideas?

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