How to Survive Week 3 of the Summer Holidays!

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So we are about half way through! Can you believe it?! Its flying by and we haven’t even started thinking about Mia starting school yet! We still have to talk to Mia a bit more about it, buy her uniform and get her some school shoes. The only thing we have done this week is have her feet measured (one step forward!) and tried to take Mia to get her eyes tested so she has the right prescription when she starts but that was an absolute disaster and Mario is having to take her again on Saturday! Anyway, here is how we have been able to survive week 3 of the Summer! If you missed last week head over to week 2!

On Monday we went food shopping which is a bit boring but on Wednesday we went to the annual Play Day nearby in Arnold. Its a great free event, where kids can go along and do crafts, take part in kids class demo’s and generally have fun! There was a great Magician there that we ended up watching for the full show and Mia absolutely loved him! She thought he was hilarious! She got to do some painting, play some drums and even got her face painted!

Survive Week 3 of the Summer
Survive Week 3 of the Summer

By Thursday, Mia was missing Daddy (as she doesn’t see much of him in the week) so she sent him a nice video and he sent her one back!

Survive Week 3 of the Summer

On Saturday we went to Sherwood Forest. We haven’t been in ages so it was lovely for us all to go and have a look around. My mum came along too but Mia wouldn’t have her photo taken so here is a (very) rare photo of Mario and I together!

Survive Week 3 of the Summer

So that’s it, how we were able to survive week 3 of the Summer. I have no idea what next week holds but I’m sure it will be fun! Mia is just about getting through each day without being a pain and we have introduced an incentive where she earns a small amount of money for helping us around the house so lets see how that goes!

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