Black nightwear and Burgundy Bra and Pants Set

Sustainable Clothing with IDentity Lingerie

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I have recently started buying more clothes for myself. After 8 years of being a mum 1st and Becca 2nd, I decided it was time to think of me and how I look now I’m feeling a bit more like me and gaining more confidence in myself. On my last shopping trip, I bought quite a few bras as the 2 I bought when pregnant with Lottie 3 years ago, were looking a bit shabby and tired! I treated myself 2 a set of 3 pretty bras and it’s amazing how nice underwear can really ‘lift’ your outfit! I was approached by a small family run business called IDentity Lingerie and as they are really local to me, down the road in Lincolnshire I was really excited to see what they make.

Sustainable Clothing

IDentity Lingerie make lingerie and nightwear that are not only of really high quality but that are also ethically made and environmentally friendly. As we are trying really hard to use more environmentally friendly products, I was happy to try out some of their range!

Sustainable Clothing
Sustainable Clothing

They very kindly sent me some of their lingerie as well as a nightwear set to try out. I have always wanted some silk pyjamas so that was where I headed first! I chose the Japanese silk pyjamas in black (£100). They are a stylish pyjama set featuring a long sleeve shirt and matching trousers. Made with 60% silk, they look and feel so luxurious! They are so comfy to wear and not sticky during the night like I thought they might be! I was not disappointed!

Black silk pj's
Black silk nightwear

The next item I chose was the supportive longline burgundy lace bralette (£50) This burgundy red lace bralette is comfortable for everyday wear but sexy enough for those special occasions too! It fits really nicely as it’s stretchy, soft, wireless and unlined. The longline design is a really cute detail.

Burgendy Lace Bralette
Burgendy Bralette
Bralette in burgendy

The last item I chose was to match the bralette as who doesn’t love matching underwear! The silk & satin burgundy lace panty (£30) has the same unique lace design. The pants are soft and stretchy enough for everyday use and would also look nice under evening wear.

All of the pieces are handcrafted, handmade and this means that they can also be made ethically and in an environmentally friendly way too. All items are made in timeless designs so there are no fast fashion trends as well as no mass production so there is no excess wastage. There is no overstocking or burning of unsold goods which means they are as made as environmentally friendly as they can be.

IDentity Lingerie pride themselves on producing high quality handmade pieces and promote a healthy body image across their website and social media platforms. I have to say it was very refreshing to browse their website and see normal women modelling the lingerie of all different shapes and sizes! It gives you a much better idea of how the pieces will look on you instead of having to use your imagination or being put off completely!

IDentity Lingerie are working really hard to put the environment at the heart of what they do and its great to see a small business doing this. Their lingerie and nightwear are not only pretty and well-made but are of the highest quality and made with the most sustainable materials possible. They also have a lifetime guarantee so you buy safe in the knowledge! In recent times the business has had to change slightly and have also started making high quality face masks (£8) with 4 layers and space for a filter which can be found on the website. I will certainly be buying from IDentity Lingerie in the future!

Are you looking for more ways to make your clothes sustainable? The Mindful Slow Life has some amazing ideas on less clothing waste and more eco friendliness!

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