Keep your Child Visible with a Bobby Bus Rascalpack

Mia wearing the Bobby Bus backpack

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Let’s face it, as a parent, your 1st child is always the ‘tester’! The one you are constantly trying things out on, seeing what works on and is the one who you buy things for later on than any other children. Mia didn’t get her own rucksack until I realised, she needed one the night before her 1st school trip aged 5!

To many other parents, buying their child their own rucksack is probably not something majorly thought about however we just never really needed one before. So, I was mortified when I suddenly realised, she had nothing to put her packed lunch and waterproof jacket in on a recent school trip! We had to lend her the smallest bag I could possibly find and felt really silly when all her classmates turned up with their cool rucksacks on ready for their big day out! Of course, with Lottie, when she gets a bit older, she will definitely have a rucksack, but poor Mia had to wait until she was 5!

Bobby Bus

Bobby Bus

Once we started looking at rucksack’s, I realised there were so many to choose from and I was really happy when Bear and Squidge asked us if we would like to try their children’s rucksack ‘Bobby Bus’. The Bobby Bus Rascalpack was born out of the need to bring the ‘play world’ into a practical and fun ‘real world’ use and he combines the use of small rucksack with the uniqueness of a bright reflective vest.

Keep your Child Visible

Bobby Bus is perfect for those days out with the kids. Days out where you need to not only carry small items for them but also need to keep your child visible, not only to you amongst the other children but also to road users out in public spaces. He has reflective strips and spots that are perfect for darker play days and bright colours and face, so you can spot your child in a crowd or a group. He could also be used as a fancy-dress accessory and Mia has already begun to include Bobby Bus in her role play games!

Keep your Child Visible
Keep your Child Visible

Stay Visible

My child being visible is one of the most important things for me as a parent, I need to be able to see them at all times no matter how far away from me they are. It’s also handy to spot them quickly in a group! In case your child takes it off, there is a place to write their name and contact number on (if required) so if it gets lost, it will find its way back to you!

Padded Straps

Padded adjustable shoulder straps and loops to hold dangling straps means that your child can also be comfortable while wearing and playing. There is a top handle for ease of carrying and you can remove the vest part if needed really easily to convert it into a rucksack only. Press studs are there so that you can attach the vest and rucksack together for tidiness when carrying by the top handle.

Keep your Child Visible
Keep your Child Visible

For £19.99 I believe Bobby Bus Rascalpack is a fab rucksack for children! With his wipe clean surface, bright colours and reflective strips and spots, he not only creates a fun play character but also a very practical way to get your children to carry their own little bits and pieces on days out! Mia loves him and I know Lottie will do too!


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