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The most popular Car Electronics of 2020

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Car electronics have evolved remarkably in recent decades. As we enter 2020, it’s time you considered giving your car a fresh upgrade by replacing your archaic electronics with cutting-edge devices. Whether you’re driving to work or cruising to an exotic destination with loved ones, you deserve to have an enjoyable driving experience every single time.

If you’re searching for specific electronics to install in your vehicle, provides accurate reviews on an assortment of car electronics ranging from entertainment systems to cassette adapters.

Here are the 5 most popular car electronics for 2020:

Power amplifiers

Finding the right amplifier for your vehicle’s surround system is vital. As we head into 2020, in-car power amplifiers are becoming essential electronics for every savvy driver. Apart from being suitably affordable, the right amplifier should be compact enough to fit into small spaces. It should also possess a solid build and provide a brilliant output. Most advanced power amplifiers have speaker detection and auto switching capabilities, making them perfect for everyday use.

Mercades Benz Tyre

Tyre safety monitors

Tyres are an essential component of every car. Poor tyre maintenance can lead to a variety of unprecedented car issues. Luckily, drivers can use tyre safety monitors to keep an eye on their tyre pressure, detect steady leaks and check the overall health of their tyres. These monitors utilise inventive algorithms to assess a vehicle’s tyres in real time. In addition, they are equipped with an inbuilt USB charging port as well as an anti-theft locking mechanism. Watch out for this popular gadget in 2020.

Car Subwoofers

Subwoofers help to accentuate low-frequency signals, adding more depth to your music. Installing a car subwoofer system in your vehicle can significantly enhance the audio quality of your stereo. Predictably, these handy electronics have gained immense popularity over recent years. When choosing the best subwoofer, get one that’s powerful and easy to operate. It should also have an aluminium cone to reduce bulkiness. Subwoofer speakers are commonly fitted in the boot, so purchase one that doesn’t take up your entire boot space!


Sound Processors

Each car comes fitted with a factory stereo system that utilises pre-set equalizers. These equalizers adjust various sound frequencies in an attempt to make prebuilt car speakers sound superior. Sadly, this equalization only degrades audio quality. Sound processors help to eliminate your stereo’s sound shaping restrictions and to optimise the output. They utilise ADCs and DACs to achieve exquisite highs and resonant lows. Sound processors are affordable and easy to install, hence their growing popularity.

Mirror dash cameras

The advent of video content creation (vlogging) has seen the dashcam grow in popularity. Apart from capturing exciting road trip videos with friends, mirror dash cameras can help you navigate unfamiliar roads with ease. The footage can also serve as evidence in case you’re involved in a car accident. Mirror dashcams usually record both front and rear views, making them an essential accessory for drivers. These cameras are equipped with suave touchscreens that cover the rear-view mirror, allowing you to monitor traffic situations conveniently.

Which of these popular car electronics will you be looking at in the next year?

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