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The New Way to Workout at Home with Freeletics

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As busy mums one of the most difficult things to fit into your day is exercise. I really enjoy doing my workout at home but rarely fit in 1 a week, let alone the recommended 3 a week! I need exercises I can access quickly, do without much room or equipment and that I can get Lottie involved in too! I have tried out quite a few fitness sites now, but this has proven tricky over the last few years!

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Freeletics asked me if I would like to trial their global leading fitness app so I was excited to see how this would fit into my busy lifestyle. Freeletics have designed an app that not only gives you some great 15-minute training sessions but also focuses on mindful exercise with regular mindful coaching sessions available for you to listen to. They believe that in combining these two approaches, they create much more long-term success and with on demand workouts, you can literally pick up your phone, access the app and get going!

The Freeletics app combines mental training and adaptive workout plans which are designed to strengthen the body and sharpen the mind. Each workout plan is tailored to each user’s fitness level, preference and ultimate goals. Once you have downloaded the app, the workout plans adapt as you complete each stage. With the help of your feedback, you are never going to be doing the wrong workout for you! When you access the days workout, you can see straight away how long it’s going to take, any equipment you may need and what exercises you are going to do.

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I found the workout layouts really clear as each exercise is demonstrated for you to watch first, the timer counts you in and rest time is also taken into account for you. You can see which exercise is coming up next and how far into the complete workout you are, which is useful to keep you going when you’re not used to exercise! The regular feedback throughout makes sure that you stay on track.

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Workout and rest

Alongside your workouts, you can access the playlists for each one on Spotify so you can do your exercise to some top motivational tracks too!

The fact that the workouts are designed for you at home and on demand means that I can work out whenever I want to and whenever I need to. The short 15-minute work outs also mean that you are getting that high-intensity interval training without spending hours in the gym! Starting at £2.16 a week, its much cheaper than going to a gym too!

I have really enjoyed using Freeletics and I do believe that having my weekly workouts on demand on the app, is the easiest and simplest way for me to work out as a busy mum! Saving me time and money, my workouts are ready to go when I am! You can download the app for free today!

Do you use apps to work out? Would you consider using one?


  • Petra

    I also exercise at home but I haven’t tried an app like yet, however, I really like the idea and it’s definitely something that I would consider in the future.

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