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Makeup Basics with Billie Blonde’s ‘The BASICS Makeup Course’!

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I have always looked after my skin and that alongside really good genes (thanks mum!) means I have rarely had a spot and my skin is really soft and clear. However, my make-up regime has always been the same. Now I’m in my 30’s, I’m starting to want to experiment a little with different ways of putting it on but I’m not 100% sure where to start!

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Over the last month I have cleared out my makeup box, invested in some decent brushes (thanks to @mumshouseparty for the recommendation!) and I have started to seek out YouTubers to help me update my look. I was really excited to find out that Amy AKA Billie Blonde, a YouTuber and makeup artist had just launched her new online makeup course and was looking for bloggers to try it out!

Makeup Basics

I’m a bit of a swot when it comes to online learning, so I was really looking forward to getting stuck in! Amy’s course ‘The BASICS Makeup Course – Everything You Need To Know!’ has 7 modules which cover pretty much everything you need to know from skincare to eyes, eyebrows to lips. It’s suitable for anyone, whether you’re a complete beginner, you just want some updated tips or even if you’re an aspiring makeup artist!

The modules consist of short videos where Amy applies the products she uses as she goes along so you can either watch and learn or actually apply your own makeup with her! I found this so helpful as it’s one thing to listen to someone telling you how you should apply foundation but it’s very different having them talk you through it as you are doing it!


The skincare module gives hints and tips on how to look after your skin from the start as well as recommended products however Amy explains why you need the products as well as how to use them which is really useful! Sometimes I use products and don’t really know why I am, only that I should be so it’s great to get the facts behind it!

At the moment I use a moisturiser with SPF in every morning as I don’t always wear makeup every day and need to protect my skin from the sun. I’ve also just started to use an eye cream as I’m the other side of 30 now! In the evening I’m not very good at doing anything with my skin unless I’m actually wearing make-up. I have never ever gone to bed in my makeup so if I’m wearing some, I always cleanse, tone and put on a night cream.

Skincare products

Base Makeup

One of my favourite modules was the Base Makeup module. Amy was able to explain all the different types of foundation there are out there as well as which ones I should be looking for, for different looks. I have always used the same 2 foundations; L’Oréal Infallible and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and I don’t really know why I use them or even if they work for my skin! So, I think my foundation will be the first thing I look to update!

Me without makeup
Before make up
Me with full make up on
1st attempt following the course!

I learnt so much about how to create specific makeup looks and I realised that I should be using bronzer instead of loads of blusher and that I’m actually applying my blusher completely wrong! I don’t think this look will take me much longer than my makeup takes me to do now but I will be using more products for specific things instead of just putting a bit of foundation on and some blusher! This makeup basics course has been fab for me!

The ‘The BASICS Makeup Course – Everything You Need To Know!’ course is available now via Udemy and is currently priced at £19.99 which I think is amazing value! You can use the course to start from the start, update your knowledge, or even start out as a makeup artist yourself. Amy is really personable and slowly explains not only how to apply your skincare products, base and general makeup but she shows you how she does hers so you can apply yours at the same time. This is really useful when it comes to practicing application. There is a little quiz at the end of each module so you can make sure you understood each part before moving on and it keeps you focused! I’m really looking forward to implementing what I have learnt and enjoying my new found makeup confidence!


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