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I was recently approached by Beets BLU to review their Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor and as someone who is really into fitness and weight loss at the moment; (Find out more!) I was really interested in giving the monitor a run for its money! I had not heard of Beets BLU until now but they are a company founded in 2012 which specialises in mobile apps, fitness technologies and electronics. I currently don’t keep a track or record of my heart rate while exercising but I am aware that it’s quite important to do during workouts so you can see if you are not pushing yourself hard enough or if you are pushing yourself too hard. Over time, you can see how your heart rate changes as your workouts do and this can be really good for your overall health and fitness levels. On the Beets BLU website you can use the Heart rate zone calculator which is useful if you don’t know what you are aiming for!

heart rate monitor

The Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor boasts features such as: a battery which should last for 1 year, its lightweight, has slim attachments, and a fully adjustable strap. You can take the sensor off the strap in order to clean it thoroughly which is different to other monitors on the market and really useful as they tend to get a bit dirty and sweaty after a while!

Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor

The monitor attaches using a chest strap which acts as an electrode to measure the electrical activity of your heart. This activity is then transmitted via Bluetooth directly to your smart phone app. It uses Bluetooth Smart Technology and is the most accurate type of monitor. The monitor itself works straight out of the packaging with no adapter needed (it’s recommended to wet the electrodes slightly). Once the straps were adjusted to the right length for me, the monitor connected directly to my smartphone fitness app via Bluetooth really quickly and easily, with no need to reconnect every time I want to use it. There are 35 smartphone fitness apps (IOS and android) that are compatible with the monitor and they include Runtastic Pro and Endomondo. I’m sure if you are into your fitness, there will be a suitable app for you amongst the list! I did find that you needed the Pro versions of the apps to record data which comes at a small extra cost (nothing to do with Beets BLU!) which isn’t obvious when you buy the monitor and the monitor could have a list of compatible apps with it in the box but the information is really clear once you are on the website.

After almost 3 weeks of use, the monitor is still going strong and works really well. It’s sturdy and doesn’t ever feel like it’s going to just ‘ping’ off! It’s made of a stretchy, comfortable material which still feels really strong. The only downside is that when it is adjusted to the widest setting (32 inches), it leaves a bump in the strap which may be uncomfortable over time if used on this setting.

Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor

At £29.95 with free delivery, this monitor is really good value! I found it was accurate, worked well and looks like it will last a long while yet. Heart rate monitors can vary wildly in price and most are a completely separate product which needs to be uploaded to your smart phone. However the Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor provides the heart rate information alongside everything else you are recording in your fitness app which means that it’s all there in the one app for you to look at, straight away. Beets BLU also do a Pagertag for when you lose your keys (very handy as a busy mum!) and a Smart Scale, which I have wanted for ages!

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