Weight Loss Post #7 – Weight Loss Feature

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my Weight Loss Post #7!

I haven’t done a weight loss post in a while because I have been focusing on my reviews of different diets which has definitely kept me very busy recently! It has also meant that my weight has dropped and I have learnt ever such a lot from the reviews. A lot has changed since my last post as I gave myself the last 2 weeks off from watching what I ate and although we did a lot of walking and going out most days, I have put a bit of weight back on. I could tell as my jeans aren’t fitting as well as they were which is annoying but we had such a lovely fortnight so I’m not going to dwell on it too much! I have enjoyed reviewing the diets but I think I will definitely stick to eating ‘normal’ food but make sure that my portion sizes are slightly more controlled!

I’m back ‘on it’ this week and so far have done over 7000 steps a day and only gone over my calories by about 100 a day so that’s not too bad!! Lets hope I can get those lbs off again as easily as I put them on!

Blog Post SignatureWeight loss this week: +2lbs



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