Disney’s Moana Happy Tin

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Mia is just becoming interested in movies and although she is yet to sit through a full movie and actually watch it, we recently took her to the cinema for the first time and she really enjoyed the experience! When I saw that Parragon Books were looking for Book Buddies, I put us forward to do some reviewing for them. The first opportunity we got was to review the Disney Moana Happy Tin and as it was for the new Disney movie we had seen the trailer for at the cinema that same week, I knew Mia would really enjoy receiving the tin!

When we received the parcel through the post, I could tell a lot of effort had gone into making it really special, enclosed in purple and wrapped in colourful paper, to Mia it was like receiving her very own little present and she was really excited! When she saw what was inside, she instantly recognised the characters on the front of the tin as the ones from the trailer we had seen a few days before.


Moana is about a girl who “sails off on an unimaginable adventure across Oceania to save her people and her true self”. Along the way she meets Maui who helps her out on her quest and they soon need each other’s help!

The Moana Tin itself contains 2 books; a colouring book and activity book, a double-sided film poster, character stickers, felt tips, and also a book of the story. Mia immediately reached for the stickers as she is sticker mad and soon covered the whole inside of the tin and herself! The colouring book was next to be looked at and Mia felt very proud of herself using felt tips for the first time! She loves colouring but prefers someone to do it with her so of course Mummy had to do a few bits too! The activity book is a bit too old for her at the moment however she was really interested in it and we had to read through all of the pages to see what we were being asked to do. It won’t be long before she’s able to do some of them as there are all sorts of mazes to complete and spot the differences to do! The poster has already been put up in Mia’s room which is nice as I used to enjoy having posters up in my room when I was little!


Our favourite thing in the Moana Happy Tin has to be the story of the film book. I wasn’t expecting to get one in the tin however it was a lovely surprise as it meant I could read it over 2 evenings at bedtime to Mia. She has really enjoyed following the story as I read it to her and it has given us a great insight to the movie. We will be taking Mia to see it when we can as she has a real interest in it now and when she sees trailers on the tv for the movie, she asks to see it!


The Disney Moana Happy Tin would make a great Christmas present or as an addition to a trip to the cinema to see the movie. It has sparked an interest in the characters with Mia and she definitely wants to see the movie now! A great little pack that kept Mia entertained for a few hours and the tin itself will be useful to keep bits and pieces in so I would definitely get one again!


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