Protecting Your Phone with Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Cases

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As a parent, getting out of the house (or back in again) ends up turning into a challenge of how many things I can juggle at once, in order to avoid having to go backwards and forwards any more than once! Any parent will know the challenge well; getting your child out of the house, carrying at least 1 bag (if not 2), your child’s beaker and soft toy if it’s too much to ask your 3 year old to carry their things themselves! Then there are usually 2 sets of keys (house and car) and last but not least your mobile phone.

Now you can almost bet your life on it, of all the things you can afford to drop whilst taking part in this daily challenge, you will obviously drop your most prized possession! The possession you will have yet to take out proper insurance for, needs to last you for the next 24 months of its contract life, and the one thing that is less protected from scratches and breakages out of everything you are possibly carrying….Yes, it is of course, your beloved mobile phone! So what do you need…..an adequate, built-for-purpose Phone Case!

When I noticed that Urban Armor Gear were looking for reviewers for their range of protective phone cases, I really wanted to see if there was a case out there that would fit what I needed it to do! Urban Armor Gear (UAG) have created a range of phone, Macbook and iPad cases alongside screen shields that are designed to protect your treasured belongings from the stresses and strains of a busy, active lifestyle as well as enhancing your devices functions. The patented designs of the cases feature ‘a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core.’ The ‘unique shape of the cases provides structural rigidity while minimising size and weight.’

UAG Phone Case Package

I chose the white composite case for my iPhone as I felt the design was a little less masculine than the others available and I have always chosen pretty Cath Kidston hard shell cases previously so wanted to keep some of that femininity for my phone. As soon as I took the UAG case out of the packaging, I was really impressed with the look and feel of it. I was worried it would be a bulky, strange material that would not feel right at all in my hands let alone on my phone, however I was VERY wrong!

The material is very soft and comfortable, not bulky at all. It remains the same once on my phone and clips on really easily, while still feeling strong and secure. The thin, friction free design works to give your phone 360 degree protection. The soft rubberised surround and orthotropic honeycomb design inside provides rigidity and compression strength in the aim that when dropped, the case absorbs all of the energy and protects the actual phone itself. The case also provides scratch resistance to the phone and case itself so you are protected from scratches and abrasions by US military grade protection!

UAG Phone Case

The case still gives you easy access to all buttons and even has oversized tactile buttons to allow full use of the phone. We all know how annoying it is to get a new phone case and not be able to get to the buttons or the headphone parts properly! The case has a lovely light-weight feel and creates great grip when holding the phone. I hadn’t actually seen how it reacts to being dropped until literally 2 days ago when I dropped my phone from my hands outside on the pavement trying to get into the house from the car.

The UAG case completely protected my phone and seemed to just bounce off the floor, taking all of the impact. My phone was totally unharmed and the case didn’t even scratch or look like it had been dropped at all. I’m so impressed with the case; it feels sturdy and like it’s really protecting my phone. My worries about it looking masculine have been eradicated by the fact that it absolutely does its job! At £26.51 and free worldwide shipping it’s a great piece of kit and it will be staying on my phone for the foreseeable. I would recommend UAG phone cases to anyone who is clumsy like me! I love it!

UAG Phone Case

Have you thought about protecting your phone?


  • Matt Roberts

    Orthotropic honeycomb has to be simply the best term I’ve come across in a while. I shall use that in my next company reports.. 😉
    A nice article with the usual trademark humour of Becca Farrelly’s blog site. Typical well-crafted images and interesting facts make you give thought to buying the item she’s reviewed. Regardless an entertaining read! A site to bookmark for the next coffee break!
    p.s. shouldn’t your keys be on one keyring Ms Farrelly…? Then hang the kids on another keyring the other side of your belt and you’d have free hands for the mobile! 😀

    • mummydaddymia

      It really is! My phone has been dropped many times since writing the review and the case has protected without even getting a scratch! 🙂

  • Kate Fever

    My husband is forever dropping his phone. I have lost count of how many times we have had the screen repaired now – he needs this! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    • mummydaddymia

      Oh no! Sounds like it would be a lot cheaper to buy this case for him! I absolutely love it and not only has it helped me out loads of times when its been dropped but they are always expanding their range so have some great colours in stock! 🙂

  • Emily

    Looks like a great protective case. Fab review. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  • DadvWorld

    Good review! I’m not a case person however I am a geek and always love trying new gadgets and accessories. I reckon I’ll be giving UAG a look ?? #BinkyLinky

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