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Welcome to my weight loss post #1! So if you don’t already know, I have decided to write a (hopefully!) weekly post about my weight loss in order to not only hold myself accountable for my weight but also to help others who may be struggling with the next steps for them!

Ok so this week I thought I would end up putting on at least a 1lb. I haven’t done my 7000 steps aim any day this week and I have gone over my calories every single day so its not been a great week by any means! I wasn’t expecting it to be good at all. I don’t know what went wrong, nothing was different, I just kind of…gave up a bit. Mario was working all week so we barely saw him which meant all my dinners were for 2 so I ended up having the 2nd portion for lunches the next day and had pudding at least 3 nights when I normally don’t have any at all! I’m definitelya ‘comfort eater’. Anyway, stepped on the scales thinking the worst and actually I have stayed the same! I can’t believe it so I really need to step it up next week and make sure this week doesn’t come back to haunt me! Bring on next week! 🙂

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Diet: Eat less and Move More!

Weight lost this week: NONE!

Weight loss total: 10lbs (still!)



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