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I’m currently looking at various diets and wearable technology to aid weight loss to see how sustainable they are long-term and also whether or not they fit easily into everyday life. I approached a few wearable tech brands to see if they would be interested in a comparison post and I was lucky enough to be sent a Moov Now Personal Coach and Sports Tracker. I have also tried out the Fitbit Flex, TomTom Spark, and the Apple Watch and done a comparisons post about them. The Moov Now fitness tracker was launched in October 2015 and is one of the newest fitness trackers around so I was really excited to see what it was like! As someone who loves my Fitbit Flex and uses is religiously every single day but is now looking for something more, I was looking forward to testing out some of the interesting features that the Moov Now boasts.

The unique features of the Moov Now include the fitness tracker being waterproof so the user can swim in it, the fitness tracker analyses and coaches your form as you work out, and also talks to you as you work out, as well as being able to wear the tracker on your ankle or your wrist.

The fitness tracker itself I think is quite nice looking. It’s a simple design but made from a really comfortable, light material that’s just thin enough to not feel like I’m wearing it at all! The tracker is really thin and sits nicely on the wrist or the ankle. It also feels really secure and has never felt like it’s going to come off which is exactly what you want from a fitness tracker. However, my partner feels that it’s not a particularly masculine fitness tracker and suits women better. The Moov core comes in different colours, I was sent the aqua blue one but there are various colours available (fusion red, blizzard white, and stealth black).

Moov Now Fitness Tracker

Once you have popped the Moov core into the band (it comes with small and large sized bands) all you need to do is download the Moov app onto your smart phone and connect the tracker via Bluetooth. I found the app and tracker linked really quickly and easily with no issues whatsoever but if you do have an issue there are some great videos on YouTube which show you how to set up the Moov Now and change the battery correctly. The battery lasts up to 6 months (I have yet to test this out) and is a normal watch battery so it doesn’t ever need charging!

You can also sync all of the information with Apple Healthkit if you have an iPhone which is handy to have all of your information together in one place. The tracker syncs to the app via Bluetooth and either syncs manually by pressing the Moov Now core until the red light flashes, or automatically when you open the app. Getting set up is easy too; just input a few pieces of information such as age, gender and weight and you are ready to go!

The Moov Now tracker is based very much in the app which I’m used to with my Fitbit, however the Moov Now tracker has some unique features. On the main page of the app, you can pick from a selection of workouts; running and walking, cycling, swimming, and at home. I went straight for the ‘at home’ workouts as this is where I mainly workout. I was given the option to do a 7 minute+ and cardio boxing workout so I went for the cardio boxing as this is something I have never done before. In hindsight I probably should have eased myself in however there’s nothing like throwing yourself in at the deep-end!

The workout itself is a bit like playing Guitar Hero on the Xbox or PS as you have to perform the correct move at the correct time. This takes a bit of practice and took me a couple of run-through’s to master! Throughout the workout, you are encouraged and trained so a few times I was told to keep my fists up when I dropped them or to pick the pace back up when I slowed a little. I personally found this great; as it felt like I had someone watching me making sure I was doing the exercises correctly. Up to now, I have tried out the running, walking and 7 minute+ workout and I have enjoyed them all.

Each workout has various levels and stages which mean you won’t get the same workout each time and you can develop your fitness levels so it’s never boring or repetitive. Back in the app, when you have finished a workout you can see your progress compared to previous workouts, see the achievements you have earned, and the progress you are making. The app also encourages you to hit 30 active minutes each day and shows you how close you are to achieving this when you sync the fitness tracker to it.

Moov App
Moov App

Moov App

I really enjoyed testing the Moov Now fitness tracker out and put it through its paces over the last 3 weeks! I really like the fact it can be worn on the ankle or the wrist depending on the exercise you are doing as many other fitness trackers don’t have this capability. It makes me more confident in the accuracy of the tracker. It tracks movements really well and gives you instructions to better your workout, it can tell if you’re not moving correctly and gives you encouragement as your workout. At £59.99 with free shipping, it’s a cheap and easy way to feel like you have a personal trainer in your home. For me, although I love the concept and will use it every time I work out without a doubt, the app needs more ‘at home’ workouts and I miss the step tracker. If the Moov Now had a step tracker, I would have replaced my Fitbit Flex immediately so that is a slight let down for me. I will be using this tracker as well as my current fitness tracker, a great piece of wearable tech!

Moov Now Packaging


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