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You Can Live Clutter-Free (Even When You Have Kids)

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Live Clutter-Free
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If living in a clutter-free home feels like an unachievable dream, think again! Even the busiest households can enjoy a streamlined environment, so don’t assume that being surrounded by clutter is something you have to put up with. To find out how to live clutter-free lifestyle, take a look at these top tips now:

Live Clutter-Free, Don’t Be Overly Sentimental

There are some things that you’ll want to keep for a lifetime but being too sentimental can lead to a home that’s filled with relics from years gone by. By being selective about the things you choose to keep hold of, you can ensure that your home doesn’t consist of clutter. Similarly, teaching your kids how to let go of the things they no longer want, or need, is a good way to instil a clutter-free attitude in younger members of the family. 

Create More Storage Space

If things don’t have a dedicated home, they’re destined to end up on the floor, the kitchen counter or the stairs. By creating more storage space, you can ensure that everything can be put away when it’s not in use. Incorporate storage into every room, so that things can be tidied away quickly and accessed when necessary. 

However, storing things at home isn’t the only option. For items that you want to keep but you don’t use on a regular basis, for example, hiring storage units can be a great way to access the space you need. Even on a long-term basis, a storage unit can be a low-cost way to keep hold of items without them cluttering up your home. 

Live Clutter-Free
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Have a Designated Space for Junk

Aiming to have a junk-free home might be a dream too far, especially if you have young kids! However, accepting that your home is bound to contain a little junk gives you the opportunity to work with it, rather than against it. Make sure everyone has a designated junk drawer or cupboard in their rooms and use these spaces to ensure that odds and ends can be tidied away. Go through junk drawers and cupboards on a regular basis to get rid of the things that are no longer needed or wanted. 

Deal with Clutter Everyday

When you’re first creating a clutter-free home, you might need to spend some time sorting through items and deciding what can be discarded, donated or put into storage. Once this is done, however, maintaining a clutter-free home needn’t take up much of your time. By spending a few minutes each day putting things away and processing the clutter that’s built up, you can ensure that it doesn’t become a permanent fixture in your home. 

Get the Whole Family Involved

Teaching young kids to tidy up after themselves can be a challenge but it’s one that’s certainly worthwhile! When you can get the whole family involved, you’ll find it easier to maintain a streamlined environment and be able to share the workload and minimise the time it takes to keep your home clutter-free.


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